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The Nomad



Dominique Moody: The Nomad
18th Street Arts Center | Art Lot
1639 18th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Exhibition: October 10 – 18, 2015

Dominique Moody’s creative journey began early in life as a child born of African-American parents in 1950s Germany. Out of this experience came her first language and the creative use of visual art to communicate her thoughts and ideas. She was diagnosed and pronounced legally blind at age 28; this altered her eyesight but not her artistic vision. A 2001 recipient of CCF’s Fellowship for Visual Artists, over the years she has had numerous group and solo exhibitions throughout the world including the California African American Museum, Japanese American National Museum, the Craft and Folk Art Museum, the International Assemblage Artists Exhibition (Berlin, Germany), National Museum of Mexican Art (Chicago, Illinois) and international Assemblage Artist Award Exhibition (New York, New York).

In 2012, Moody successfully funded her current artwork called the “Nomad”, through a U.S. Artists (Hatchfund) Projects. The “Nomad” is a functional dwelling on wheels inspired by and constructed from repurposed materials, which will travel nomadically as a mobile artist in residence. It is a portrait of her personal, cultural and family life. This work is still in process. In addition, she self-published her first limited edition book, “Nomad, a journey through the Life and Art of Dominique Moody”, a retrospective of her Los Angeles body of work.

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