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Søren Hüttel | Tomorrow is Yesterday

Søren Hüttel, Tomorrow is Yesterday at 18th Street Arts Center

Søren Hüttel | Tomorrow is Yesterday
January 19 – March 4, 2016
Curator’s Lounge
Reception: February 20, 6-8PM

For his debut solo exhibition in Los Angeles, Copenhagen-based artist Søren Hüttel looks at how modern and contemporary art appears in popular visions of the future from television of the 1980s and 1990s, the artist’s formative years. Hüttel mines images of paintings and sculptures that appeared in the sets of Star Trek: The Next Generation. These artworks reflect aesthetics that were already out of date within contemporary art by the time the episodes originally aired, but while  they all relate to mid 20th century modernism, they are presented here as “futuristic” 24th century contemporary art. Actual historical artists and artworks also appear in Star Trek: TNG, including references to Salvador Dali and Piet Mondrian. Through painting, and installation, Hüttel creates “a cross-section of obscure bad art and pop culture” that combines his characteristic humor with a sharp critical edge.  The work is structured within a mock-academic context that reflects the television program’s attempt to envision a fictional construction of the art history of the future.


This exhibition funded by:

Danish Arts Council

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