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Shana Lutker I Scenes from Chapter Four

June 20 – September 9, 2016 | Gallery Hours: 11:00am -5:30pm | Main Gallery

Reception Sunday, July 24, 2016 | 11:00am-2:00pm

18th Street Campus, 1639 18th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404

Los Angeles-based artist Shana Lutker presents Scenes from Chapter Four, the latest entry in her ongoing series of research-based artworks derived from the history of Surrealist fistfights, in the Artist Lab Residency at 18th Street Arts Center. Over the summer of 2016, Lutker will develop and workshop elements of a live performance based on the events of July 2, 1925, when a group of Surrealist artists protested a banquet at the Closerie des Lilas in Paris. Historical figures at the heart of the story include Madame Rachilde, a proto-feminist novelist turned isolationist; Michel Leiris, a Surrealist who ends up in the hospital at the end of the evening; and the banquet’s honoree, the Symbolist poet Saint-Pol-Roux. Lutker will preview parts of her play-in-development and related live material in the Artist Lab, which will function as a stage or platform for performance and video narratives activated by both performers and sculptural objects. The historical investigation at the heart of Lutker’s work will be represented with an accumulation of research objects and inspirations.

Artist Lab Residency | 18th Street Arts Center | Main Gallery

1639 18th Street

Santa Monica, CA 90404

Gallery hours: 11am-5pm, Monday-Friday

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