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Sara Daleiden | Recovery Justice: Being Well

As part of her artist project for 18th Street Arts Center’s Commons Lab: Place and Public LifeSara Daleiden facilitated a series of dialogues and projects with artists in residence at 18th Street Arts Center.  Online conversations with 18th Street’s artist community called “Creative Roundtables” from 2020 to 2021 materialized into Recovery Justice: Being Well, a collage of  self-organized artist projects addressing wellbeing during a pandemic, on view online and at 18th Street Arts Center’s Airport Campus from March 8 to July 16, 2021.

As a neighborhood, artists in residence at 18th Street Arts Center’s Olympic and Airport Campuses created a sense of belonging by embracing the arts’ potential in nurturing civic engagement. By prioritizing equity, community needs, and poetics, participating artists produced creative experiences that encouraged connection through dialogue and creative action, activating the potential of human will.

If you are considering neighborhood development using the arts or want to know more about the process from the perspective of artists and cultural workers, check out the resources below:

Being Well: 18th Street Arts Center Development Model Concept, created by Sara Daleiden and her collaborator Kimberli Meyer

“Being Well”, written by Sue Bell Yank, Sara Daleiden, and Kimberli Meyer

“Getting Back to What Once and Never Was”, written by Dan S. Wang

Exhibition: Recovery Justice: Being Well

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