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We are expanding to the Santa Monica Airport! 

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our supportive artist services to a second campus at the Santa Monica Airport. As the newly appointed Arts Program Managers for the City of Santa Monica’s hangar, on July 1, 2019 we begin programming the gallery and artist studios located at 3026 Airport Avenue. We are thrilled to welcome these 38 artists with a diversity of practices, styles, and Santa Monica roots, into our community.

The following are exhibitions on view at our Airport Campus, located at 3026 Airport Avenue, Santa Monica, California.

Las Hijas de los Días: 7 Female Views from the Margins
Exhibition | January 27 – April 19, 2020
Airport Gallery | 3026 Airport Avenue
Exhibition Reception & Artist Open Studios | February 22, 2020 | 5-8 PM



Science affirms that we are made out of atoms, but Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano states that we’re also made out of stories. In his book, Los hijos de los días (Children of the Days), he writes one story that reflects the feelings and vicissitudes for every day of a year. Inspired by this exercise, we wanted to reflect upon relevant ideas that inhabit our daily lives in only a week’s span of time across the globe. To represent each day of the week, we selected the gazes of seven women from 18th Street Arts Center, PhotoEspaña, and Arttextum that reflect the spirit of our times, starting with photography as a medium of departure and expanding the field to include drawing, installation, and performance. Climate unrest, the physical displacement of the idea of home, and the removal of socio-historical ties that oppress women were the stories told by Cristina de Middel, Eunice Adorno, Lola del Fresno, Luciana Abait, Doni Silver Simons, Sabine Pearlman, and Pamela Simon-Jensen. The works of these creative women narrate sublime and challenging stories of our everyday that call out to be heard and comprehended in order to collectively transform realities. The women highlighted in this show are only a fraction of the multiple voices around the world who are tracking alternate ways of belonging to time.

In collaboration with Arttextum, Tejido de agentes culturales inspirados en Latinoamérica, Promoción del Arte, Ministry of Culture and Sports, Madrid, Spain.

Curated by Begoña Torres and 18th Street Arts Center’s Assistant Curator Frida Cano.

Artists: Cristina de MiddelSabine PearlmanPamela Simon-JensenLuciana AbaitLola del FresnoDoni Silver Simons, and Eunice Adorno.


February 10 – April 19, 2020
North and South Galleries | 3026 Airport Avenue
Exhibition Reception, Artist Open Studios, and Performances

February 22, 2020 | 5-8 PM



Drawing Connections aims to trace the invisible networks between a selection of current artists in residence at 18th Street Arts Center, both from our 18th Street campus and our Airport hangar. The show highlights how artists from different backgrounds and whose practices range from traditional to experimental art can dialogue through one of the earliest and most fundamental tools for human expression, drawing. This process of mark-making reveals the initial creative impulse that may later take the form of a video, a performance, a piece of music, an art installation, a painting, or a drawing itself. This curatorial exercise intends to delve into the essence of the multivalent creative practices of the artistic community of 18th Street Arts Center.

Featured artists: Deborah Lynn IrmasDan S. WangLuciana AbaitDebra DismanJudith Gandel-GoldenGwen SamuelsLuigia Gio MartelloniJulia Michelle DawsonLola del FresnoLoren H. Harris-HellerJoan WulfDoni Silver SimonsPamela Simon-JensenCrystal MichaelsonDaniela SchweitzerM Susan BroussardYvette GellisEncounterRebecca YoussefAlexandra DillonMelinda Smith AltshulerNellie King Solomon,  Rebecca Setareh, Ameeta Nanji, and Claudia Concha.


Featuring Participatory Performances by Doni Silver Simons and Encounter

During the opening, two durational, participatory performances will involve visitors and artists alike in the creation of new artwork.

In Conversation…, an invited work by Doni Silver Simons is an abstract interactive project where participants are asked to respond to the visual utterances and markings initiated by Silver Simons.  In this work, community is built on the essence of drawing – a single mark/a single line. This durational piece spans the length of the exhibit, Drawing Connections.   In Conversation…, is being created adjacent to, After Imagea completed  interactive drawing  of Silver Simons exploring evolution and devolution, communication and memory.  In each of these works she recreates the emotional and physical process of marking and erasure forming an idiosyncratic tryst with each mark and each participant.

Simons  is a cross genre artist based in Santa Monica. She creates visual and  performative works that explore time, memory, and identity.

Simons will also have a performance in her open studio. “Reliquary: a meditation” is a durational performance that will be performed by Victoria Dombrowski with sound by Michelle Green Willner.

Invited by Marcus Kuiland-Nazario, a group of Los Angeles performance artists will engage in a public practice called Encounter, organized by Mariel Carranza. Encounter is a space where we encounter each other, ourselves, and the space itself. We perform with and for one another within given conditions. There is no preparation, no agenda (and generally, no “audience”). Things unfold on their own. We agree that there will be no idle observers; everyone is active in the space. This Encounter will result in a final object that will be enfolded into the DRAWING CONNECTIONS show.

Encounter is the practice of a constantly evolving group of artists including Allison Wyper, Mariel Carranza, Rochelle Fabb, Rebeca Hernandez, Carol McDowell, Rossen Ventzislavov, Samuel White, Dorian Wood, Douglas Green, Paul Outlaw, Marcus Kuiland-Nazario, and John Burtle, as well as international guests.

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