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Reception | Miljohn Ruperto, Yukako Ando, and Tsai Shih-Hung

Aimée de Jongh and Miljohn Ruperto, Rot, animated gif

Reception: Saturday, September 6, 2014, 6 – 9 pm

rsvp: http://reception6sept2014.eventbrite.com

Miljohn Ruperto | Mineral Monsters
Exhibition: July 14 – October 3, 2014

Exhibition: July 14 – September 30, 2014

Tsai Shih Hung | new paintings
Exhibition: September 6 – 26, 2014
Miljohn Ruperto | Mineral Monsters
In collaboration with animator Aimée de Jongh and neuroscientist Rajan Bhattacharyya, Miljohn Ruperto will investigate the speculative possibilities of mineral “deformities” inspired by Georges Canguilhem’s text, Knowledge of Life. The three come together to grapple with a particular assertion by Canguilhem, a philosopher of science, that “there are no mineral monsters,” or rather that the scientific category of mineral is incompatible with human notions of deformity. Ruperto’s exhibition Mineral Monsters delves into a space wherein humans are irrelevant, unable to project their own attributes onto or against the material world. His work then troubles that space by introducing visual aspects that trigger our implicit, negative responses, such that the neutral tenor of Canghuilhem’s position shifts to a more troubling, oppositional one. Ruperto will use the Artist Lab as a working studio to untangle the relationship between science and philosophy and contemplate the ways in which our categorization of natural phenomena both shapes and hinders our broader conceptualization of life. Working together with animator de Jongh, Ruperto will create computer-generated visuals. These visual forms will be derived from conversations with Bhattacharyya and from his research based in concrete scientific principles.
+info: http://18thstreet.org/events/miljohn-ruperto-exhibition

This exhibition documents Yukako Ando’s questions and impressions informed by the humor of American “pop consumption culture” and by her interior responses. Ando’s approach to her work is diaristic, instinctive, and personal. Ando uses daily necessities to create the important elements of her work and explore ideas of time and space, drawing additional inspiration from the city’s climate, buildings, and freeway connections. The works on exhibit reflect her experiences of Los Angeles collected from past visits and during her residency.
+info: http://18thstreet.org/events/yukako-ando-exhibition

Tsai Shih Hung | new paintings
In Tsai Shih-Hung’s eyes, human life is being destroyed by technology and the digital world. He uses the canvas as a screen, evoking smart phones and computers, to show the world his ironic observations. Tsai’s working process begins with a Google image search, based on a keyword such as “war.” He collages several found images by hand, drawing them into different parts of a painting so as to question what is “real” and what is “virtual.” In works such as his Lab series, he addresses topical issues such as the fear of “mad cow disease” that has affected the importing of American beef into Taiwan. Despite the sometimes harsh images of war scenes and ruins in Tsai’s work, one can also find colorful shooting stars, which express a hopeful appreciation of the possibilities that digital technologies still hold for improving people’s lives.
+info: http://18thstreet.org/events/tsai-shih-hung-exhibition


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