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Hi everyone! I'm Max Varady, the new Social Media Content Producer here at 18th Street Arts Center. I'm thrilled to be part of this vibrant community and am eager to continue creating content showcasing our artists' meaningful work — sharing their stories with the world.

In my brief time here, I've had the privilege of forging connections within our tight-knit network of accomplished artists, granting me intimate insights into their creative processes and artistic journeys. Some standout moments for me include immersing myself in Karla Diaz's technicolor exhibition Wait 'til Your Mother Gets Home, experiencing the bustling energy of our Cross-Campus Open Studio Weekend, and sharing warm conversations with community members at our cozy Winter Gathering.

Looking ahead to this upcoming quarter, I'm eager to deepen these relationships and cover the exciting array of events on our horizon. From Spanish-led Wellness Programs featuring Yoga and Sound Baths to thought-provoking Dream Analysis Talks delving into the subconscious, the next few months promise to be a captivating journey of artistic discovery and exploration!


With Anticipation,
Max Varady
Social Media Content Producer

Visiting Artists-in-Residence

Kirsten Rian, Patterns Are For Breaking, 2017. Video Installation. Winter Light Festival,
Portland, OR. Photo by and courtesy of Kirsten Rian.

Kirsten Rian
April-June 2024

Kirsten Rian, MA, MFA, is a mid-career interdisciplinary artist based in Portland, Oregon. Her work includes public art installations, painting, LED lights and video projection mapping, and writing. She has also used writing and art as tools for trauma processing and peacebuilding with war survivors, trafficked women, and at-risk youth for many years.

Hell Gette, „#🌞🗡(#sunstorms #sirenes3.0)“, 2023. 200 x 230 cm. Oil on canvas. Photo
by Izzy Leung. Courtesy of Hell Gette.

Hell Gette
May 2024

Hell Gette is a German painter born in Karabulak, Kazakhstan, based in Germany.
Her practice includes ceramics and oil paintings.

Hell Gette paints :
“#Landscape3.0 Future landscape paintings.
I use digital vocabulary such as Photoshop tools, computer game logic, emoji icons etc to create my own world. A back and forth between digital and analog, classic and zeitgeist techniques. Starting with a plein air watercolor painting, I then play with a variety of digital tools in order to get its vocabulary, just to paint it all in oils. I like the ambivalence between virtual, modern, “untouchable” in an art historically strongly funded technique such as oil colors. This break makes it highly interesting for me.”

Jared Haug, Charm (detail), 2023. Dimensions variable. Plaster, sand, acrylic, metals. Photo by and courtesy of Jared Haug.

Jared Haug
February 2024

Jared Haug is an artist and curator based in Bakersfield, CA, whose practice includes solo and collaborative work. As a co-founder of three artist-run collectives (Border Patrol, Ditch Projects, and Palm Galerie), Haug is committed to carving out spaces in pursuit of visions, soundings, excavations, and translations.

Ellinor Euler, EXHIBITION VIEW, 2020. Laquered wire Kunsthaus Dosse Park, Brandenburg. Photo by and courtesy of Ellinor Euler.

Ellinor Euler
April – May 2024

Ellinor Euler is a contemporary artist living and working in Berlin, Germany. Her drawings, wire objects, installations, wool stitching on handmade papers are all reliant on the idea of a “line”.

Haruka Yamada, Sun of the City (Here), 2017. 4 x 21m. Gunma, Japan. Courtesy of the artist.

Haruka Yamada
April – June 2024

Haruka Yamada is an artist based in Tokyo, Japan. Yamada’s art reflects on fluctuating urban society, by re-measuring the relative relationship between the city, nature, and humans through site-specific installations often incorporating performance or spatial aspects.

Stella McGarvey, Two c-type prints from ‘Lovers’ series and ‘Lexington’, Safehouse, 2024. Photo by and courtesy of Stella McGarvey.

Stella McGarvey
April 2024

Stella McGarvey is an Edinburgh-born, South London-based, artist working with photography, sculpture and drawing. McGarvey’s practice centers around themes of absence, memory and ghosts. Her mediums feed into each other, creating a visual dialogue where lines blur between imagined and real, her lost chairs become familiars.

Upcoming Public Programs

Calendar_Karla Diaz: Wait Til Your Mother Gets Home

Karla Diaz: Wait 'til Your Mother Gets Home
February 17-June 22, 2024

Propeller Gallery
18th Street Arts Center Airport Campus
3026 Airport Ave., Santa Monica

Gallery Hours:
Mon, Wed-Fri: 11 AM-5 PM
Tues: 2-5 PM
Sat: 12-5 PM

Programs for Artists-in-Residence and Borderless Citizens

18SAC regularly provides visiting and local artists-in-residence and Borderless Citizens exclusive professional development, networking and community-building opportunities to build skills and connections.

Not an AIR but want to participate? Join our membership program, Borderless! LEARN MORE >> 

Artist-Led Events

With over 60 active local artists and organizations-in-residence, 18SAC artists are activating spaces in Los Angeles and beyond.

*This space is regularly updated as we receive information. Follow us on social media to stay up-to-date! 

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California Creative Corps

Jun12_18th Street_CCC_Launch_Final_Hero Banner

Our California Creative Corps fellows are deep in production on their projects. Their projects ranging from filmmaking, to cultural organizing, to storytelling and beyond in underrepresented communities all across California will culminate in a series of community events scheduled for May and June of this year. Additionally, they are working with Clockshop and Michael Manalo on creating individual online Story Maps that highlight cultural treasures in their community and provide an online platform for their project. We encourage you to follow and support these formidable artists for further details on their Creative Corps projects and opportunities to engage: Alicia Rojas, Ann Kaneko, Audrey Chan, Carlo & Ethel Zafranco, Catherine Herrera, Cecilia Cassandra Peña-Govea, Border Patrol, ASTU, QTViet Cafe Collective, Jae Saechao, Janine Mapurunga, Mark Oliver, Michelle Glass, Miki’ala Catalfano, Public Matters, Shinpei Takeda, Suchi Branfman, and Xico Garza

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