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Spring 2022 Program Guide

Weaving Unity: Centering Decentered Voices


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As I begin my service as the new Deputy Director of 18th Street Arts Center (a warm hello to everyone), I am reflecting on what it means to be welcomed into a new community and what it means to reconnect – in person – after this time of pandemic isolation. I am witnessing that many of us are eager and fearful, full of hope and full of grief. I wonder if this is a moment when our compassion for and gentleness with each other are the most important gifts we can offer.  It seems that just sitting and listening – being present with ourselves and all that is around us – will be the best way to understand how to respond to this moment, and how to give voice to what we are experiencing.  

Two new exhibitions give us the opportunity to tune in, connect and reflect. In Collective Acts of Peace, 18th Street artists remind us about our collective inner strength during difficult social and ecological events. Radical Propagations, curated by artist and researcher Maru Garcia, includes the work of artists and activists whose practices focus on splitting and sharing, creating spaces for environmental and community regeneration, and on building resilience.

This spring, as the days get longer and warmer, 18SAC invites you, through new programming detailed below, to create sounds from our intergenerational communities and broadcast them, build something powerful together from compost, create welcoming spaces for regeneration, expand how we use digital space, and open long-locked gates. 

We can once again collaborate, face-to-face, reintroducing ourselves to each other.  

Hello. How are you? It’s so nice to see you.

Kim Russo
Deputy Director


Pyrite Radio: Dispatch | Performance
Saturday, April 9 |  12 pm-3 pm
18th Street Art Center | Olympic campus
1639 18th Street, Santa Monica, CA


Join Peter Simensky and his Pyrite Radio in a live performance audio set that will feature local and regional sounds across Los Angeles and beyond. Pyrite, also known as Fool’s Gold, magically picks up AM frequency. For this performance, Pyrite Pirate Radio will broadcast AM transmissions played on a series of mobile radios, all handmade and designed by the artist using coiled copper wire, radio parts, and a pyrite stone. These radio sculptures will be used to transmit ideas, experiments, collaborations, community engagements, and interventions. Simensky will be joined by special guest XOLO. Inspired by Quinceañera parties in the hills of Mexico and beyond and rooted in partying as a form of immigrant resistance, La Cosecha was started by XOLO. Playing all Spanish, all vinyl norteñas, corridos, rancheras, cumbia and banda classics, XOLO’s aim is to bring this music to a new generation. For an afternoon, 18th Street Arts Center’s Olympic Campus will become a transmitter of sorts, both for community, critique, and culture. Plus, Market Exchange vendors will be onsite selling artisanal goods and artists in residence at 18th Street’s Olympic Campus will have Open Studios.

Pile 2 patio, mulch/compost sculpture
Part of Radical Propagations
Saturday, April 23  | 11 am-3 pm
18th Street Arts Center | Propeller Gallery
3026 Airport Ave, Santa Monica, CA

Pile 2 patio is a piece by artist Maru García that explores the materiality and community-building qualities of a mulch/compost pile. For one day only, 18th Street Arts Center’s Airport Campus will have a giant mulch and compost sculpture in the parking lot as part of the exhibition Radical Propagations, on view at 18th Street’s Propeller Gallery. 

This interactive and evolving piece will invite the public to modify the sculpture by taking mulch/compost to their homes. As each person takes their part, the pile will change shape throughout the day. Once planted in each participant’s garden, the organic sculpture will take another form, transforming each garden into an active part of this exhibition and community.

A guest speaker from Sustainable Works will be giving an informative workshop on the importance of healthy Soil and its impact on our environment for this event. 

Plus, artists in residence at 18th Street Arts Center’s Airport Campus will host Open Studios where visitors can see their exciting work in progress and Market Exchange vendors will be on site selling their artisanal goods. The exhibition Radical Propagations will also be on view. Finally, artists in residence at 18th Street Arts Center will be hosting a reception for the exhibition Collective Acts of Peace, on view in the Slipstream Galleries at the Airport Campus.

Meditation and Sound Bath
Hosted by Institute of United Minds
Part of Collective Acts of Peace
Sunday, May 15 |  10:30 am-12:30 pm
18th Street Arts Center | Slipstream Galleries
3026 Airport Ave, Santa Monica

Join a meditation and sound bath, part of the exhibition Collective Acts of Peace, on view at 18th Street Arts Center’s Slipstream Galleries. Meditation is embraced by most traditions.  Meditation quiets the mind to create pathways for reflection and change. This experience will explore meditation as a moral force that ignites our passion to transform the world. Join the Institute of United Minds for a meditation session and sound bath with Ameeta Nanji, artist and yoga teacher, and Greg Ellis, rhythmatist.

Plant Propagation + Watering w/ artist Maru García 
Tuesdays |  12 pm-1 pm
Ongoing from March 22 to July 26, 2022
Part of Radical Propagations
18th Street Arts Center | Propeller Gallery
3026 Airport Ave, Santa Monica

Join artist Maru García every Tuesday at noon for conversation and maintenance of the exhibition Radical Propagations at 18th Street Arts Center’s Propeller Gallery. Watering plants and taking care of the living elements in the exhibition will be part of the activities that guests can help with as they also learn about plant propagation. One of the main ideas behind Radical Propagations is the concept of propagation itself. Artist Maru García invites the community to bring glass jars to the gallery (and if possible plant trimmers) for plant exchange through propagation methods.

Mining Peace in a Troubled World and How Artists Survive 
Institute of United Minds, Salon #1
Part of Collective Acts of Peace
Sunday, May 22 |  3 pm-5 pm

18th Street Arts Center | Slipstream Galleries
3026 Airport Ave, Santa Monica

Debra Disman, Rent Wound Tear, Mend Heal Repair, 2022. Mixed media: canvas/acrylic paint/hemp cord/string. Installation view of exhibition “Collective Acts of Peace” at 18th Street Arts Center’s Airport Campus Slipstream Galleries. March 15 – June 4, 2022. Photo by Marc Walker.

Join artists in the exhibition Collective Acts of Peace for a conversation at 18th Street Arts Center’s Slipstream Galleries. Debra Disman and David McDonald, artists in residence who have work on view in the exhibition, will be the panelists for this conversation.

Power Moves with n00n and Marcus Civin
Part of Arts Learning Lab @ Home
Saturday, May 28  | 11 am- 12 pm
Online: Zoom

Join n00n and Marcus Civin for Power Moves, an online art and writing workshop and open-sourced collaboration for a new video, The Gatekeepers, set to premiere this summer at 18th Street Arts Center. Get ready to use cutting-edge 3D scanning technology, do some experimental writing, and share your experiences with other workshop participants. Relying on your arsenal of power moves, which gates do you unlock, otherwise open, or navigate around, and where does this lead you? What gates remain locked, require great patience, or just aren’t worth it? What’s wrong with individual gates and gates in general?
Bring something to write with and a smartphone for access to scanning software. An adult should accompany participants under 13.

The Influencers and The Gatekeepers: Video Premiere with n00n and Marcus Civin
Part of Arts Learning Lab @ Home
Thursday, June 9, 2022 |  6 pm-8 pm
Online: Zoom

n00n and Marcus Civin will present two short animated videos—The Influencers, created in January 2022, and its sequel, The Gatekeepers, a premiere crowdsourced from 18th Street Arts Center’s local and global community. Stick around after the screening for an online conversation with the artists.
The Influencers is a fictional biographical sketch of two obsessive, stylish fixtures in the art world, Margaretha and Wald, who live a sometimes quotidian and sometimes whimsical baroque lifestyle. Margaretha and Wald stress about various and impending catastrophes that combine and manifest as delusions. They associate and dissociate with their bodies, the environment, the pandemic, and each other.
In The Gatekeepers, as the pandemic rages, a self-conscious powerbroker named Sydonia hosts an exclusive party on her gothic pearl farm behind high walls and iron gates. Only, before the party ends, one of her guests lavishly betrays her. Her attempts to remain on top turn her upside down. The Gatekeepers references class, high society, architecture, and gates in New York, Los Angeles, and other cities.


Stine Linnemann
Visiting Artist | Denmark
March 1-May 30, 2022

Stine Linnemann is an artist and activist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her practice includes co-created artworks seeking to uplift marginalized people through collaboration, social commentary through craft and projects mixing art, and activism within the field of both social justice and climate change. Linnemann’s work takes an interest in society and the well-being of the people and community around her. This residency is generously supported by the Danish Art Foundation. Learn more here.

Helena Fernandez Cavada
Visiting Artist | Sweden
April 1-30, 2022

Helena Fernández-Cavada is a visual artist of Spanish descent currently based in Malmö, Sweden. She draws every day in order to pose questions and spend time with them, a process which Hannah Arendt called ‘understanding’, one that ranges from the questioning of established relationships to emerging contradictions as an attitude to life. She has been actively collaborating and engaging with the artist book and publishing fields, like in her last panel discussion, “Book Artists, so what?” a collaboration between artists and designers, Malmö Konsthalle and MABB. Learn more here.

Phaye Poliakoff-Chen
Visiting Artist | Maryland
April 1-30, 2022

Phaye Poliakoff-Chen directs the Major in Professional and Creative Writing and the Major in Interdisciplinary Studies at Goucher College, a small liberal arts college, in Baltimore, MD. Her collection of short fiction, The Art of Work, was published by Booktrope in 2013. Additionally, her work has appeared in Frontiers, Southern Exposure, and other publications.
An interdisciplinary artist herself, she has also had a long career in radio, producing documentaries for public radio about a variety of topics from prostitution to land use to immigration, and directing an urban youth media program, Uniquely Spoken, under the auspices of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and funded by the Open Society Foundation. She currently leads an arts/writing partnership between Earl’s Place, a transitional housing facility for men experiencing homelessness in Baltimore, and Goucher College. Learn more here.

Jaye Rhee
Visiting Artist | New York
April – June 2022

Jaye Rhee revels in the space between the ironic Jaye Rhee revels in the space between the ironic and the poignant with work that simultaneously incorporates video, photography, and performance. Her work has been exhibited at various international venues, including Albright Knox Art Gallery, Norton Museum of Art, Queens Museum, The Bronx Museum of the Arts, Mori Art Museum (Tokyo), Kobe Biennale 2007, The Seoul Museum of Modern Art, Gyeonggido Museum (Ansan, S.Korea), Leeum Samsung Museum (Seoul), the Centro para os Assuntos da Arte e Arquitectura (Portugal) and La Triennale di Milano (Milan). She was born in Seoul, South Korea, lives and works in New York. Learn more here.

Susan Zimmerman
Visiting Artist | California
May 2022

Susan Zimmerman grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area where she still resides. A fiber artist,  she credits her long-standing affinity for textiles to the legacy of her grandparents, who were  tailors and dressmakers. She explores the potential and limitations of common materials in her work to create a sense of spaciousness and light. Much of the inspiration for her work comes  from the simplicity and experimentation of the Bauhaus period and from the fine arts  disciplines, including color theory, painting, and sculpture. Her most recent work involves the use of natural dyes on linen and the transformation of the resulting fabric into painterly,  dimensional structures using acrylic mediums and other media. She plans to continue this  exploration in her 18th Street residency, working on some larger scale projects with dyed linen and incorporating other media, such as wood, wire, and paper. Learn more here.

Ranu Mukherjee
Visiting Artist | California
June – August 2022

Ranu Mukherjee is an American artist of Indian and European descent. She makes hybrid work in painting, moving image, and installation to build new imaginative capacities, guided by the forces of ecology and non-human agency, diaspora, migration, motherhood, and transnational feminisms. Mukherjee earned her MA in Painting from the Royal College of Art, London and BFA in Painting with a minor in Film from Massachusetts College of Art, Boston. She is a co-founder of media collective 0rphan drift and Chair of Film at California College of the Arts. Learn more here.

Rashaad Newsome
Visiting Artist | California
June – August 2022

Rashaad Newsome’s work blends several practices, including assemblage, sculpture, film, photography, music, computer programming, software engineering, community organizing, and performance, to create a new field that rejects classification. Using the diasporic traditions of improvisation, he pulls from the world of advertising, the internet, Art History, Black and Queer culture to produce counter-hegemonic work that walks the tightrope between creative computing, social practice, abstraction, and intersectionality. Assemblage acts as a theoretical, conceptual, and technical method to construct a new cultural framework of power that does not find others’ oppression necessary. Newsome’s work celebrates Black contributions to the art canon and creates innovative and inclusive forms of culture and media. Rashaad Newsome’s residency is supported by LACMA’s Art + Technology Lab program. Learn more here.


Art Reality Studio
Olympic Campus

ARS provides technology and resources to artists whose interest aligns with these new mediums, allowing them to develop an alternative and complementary means of expression to their existing practice. Founded in 2017 by Brent Imai and Frank Masi, Art Reality Studio (ARS) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit public charity dedicated to connecting artists to technology. ARS asks: What happens when artists are given access to the latest cutting-edge technology?

ARS offers artists the opportunity to employ the latest technologies as a means to understand the human experience in this new reality. Known to be the most innovative problem-solvers, artists have the ability to illuminate technology’s potential impact on the world and demonstrate how we can understand our place as humans in this ever-evolving ecosystem.

Current artists in residence with ARS are Daniel Rothman, Halina Kliem, and current 18th Street artist in residence, Ni’Ja Whitson. Learn more here.


Enjoy past and current exhibitions here.

Radical Propagations
A group exhibition curated by Maru García
Participating artists: Alberto Tlatoa, Lucía Monge, Rashonda Bartney, Rebecca Youssef, and Yrneh Gabon
Propeller Gallery
March 21-July 30, 2022

Just as a plant is propagated by splitting and rooting, Radical Propagations includes the work of artists and activists whose practices focus on the creation of spaces for regeneration.

This exhibition and the research leading up to it is made possible by the Artists At Work program, a collaboration between THE OFFICE performing arts + film and the LA County Department of Arts and Culture; the City of Santa Monica, and 18th Street’s generous community of donors. Many thanks also to the thought partnership of Santa Monica’s Sustainable Works.

Lucia Monge, Plantón móvil, 2010-ongoing. Plants, megaphones, Plantón Móvil book, and video documentation of the project. Dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist.

Collective Acts of Peace
A group show organized by 18th Street Arts Center’s artists in residence
Participating artists: Alexandra Dillon, Ameeta Nanji, Crystal Michaelson, Daniela Schweitzer, David McDonald, Debra Disman, Doni Silver Simons, Joan Abrahamson, Joan Wulf, Julia Michelle Dawson, Labkhand Olfatmanesh, Lola del Fresno y M Susan Broussard, Melinda Smith Altshuler, Rebecca Youssef, and Susie McKay Krieser
Slipstream Galleries
March 14-June 4, 2022

The artists-in-residence at 18th Street Arts Center are pleased to present Collective Acts of Peace, featuring a selection of 18th Street projects. The exhibition highlights the connections among creatives who strive to make this a better world for all living beings, humans and non-humans alike.



18th Street is excited to continue and expand our Professional Development and Studio Visit programs for our artists in residence. This quarter we will be hosting sessions with Kio Griffith, curator; Angela Washko, artist and professor at Carnegie Mellon University; and Peter Wu+, curator of EPOCH gallery. Tina Rivers Ryan, Assistant Curator at the Albright Knox, and Angela Washko, artist and professor at Carnegie Mellon University, continue our programming around NFTs and virtual spaces in April and May. 
To be an artist in residence at 18th Street Arts Center, apply here.


Borderless is 18th Street Arts Center’s special membership program on Patreon.

As a member, you get access to exclusive Borderless program content and events, including recordings of past programs, like an introduction of the visual art scene in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and an introduction of the visual art and design scene in Beirut, Lebanon. In addition, members get access to Borderless+, a full color print of 18th Street Arts Center’s catalogue, access to professional development workshops and trainings for artists, exhibition tours, and more!

Learn more about Borderless and each level’s perks here: https://www.patreon.com/18thstreetarts

The following Creative Roundtable virtual programs are for artists in residence at 18th Street Arts Center and for Borderless members on the Arts Professional tier and above.

Creative Roundtable: NFT – An art-historical context with Tina Rivers Ryan 
Thursday, April 7 |  12 pm-1 pm
Online: Zoom

Join us for a presentation from curator and digital art expert Tina Rivers Ryan on the history and possibilities of digital art, up to and including NFTs. Over the past year, Tina has co-curated a major exhibition on the intersection of digital technologies and identity; authored widely-cited essays on NFTs for Artforum and Art Review; and given interviews on NFTs to notable outlets including the New York Times and the Guardian. In this presentation, she will survey the larger art historical context of NFTs, and explore what they might mean for the future of the art market. Learn more here.

Creative Roundtable: Kio Griffith
Thursday April 21 | 12 pm-1 pm

Join Kio Griffith, artist and curator, for a friendly meet and greet. Learn more here.

Creative Roundtable: Online Performance BP (Before Pandemic) 
Thursday, May 19 | 12 pm-1 pm
Online: Zoom

Join Angela Washko, artist and professor at Carnegie Mellon University, for a talk about performances and artistic interventions in multi-user online spaces before the pandemic. She will discuss the sudden institutional interest in online performance that occurred in relation to the global pandemic and focus on artistic interventions and performances in a wide variety of online contexts from the 1990s to present. Washko will also talk about her own project “The Council on Gender Sensitivity and Behavioral Awareness in World of Warcraft.” Learn more here.

Creative Roundtable: Angela Washko
Thursday, May 26 | 12 pm-1 pm
Online: Zoom

Join Angela Washko, artist and professor at Carnegie Mellon University, following her studio visits with 18th Street AiR for a friendly meet and greet. Learn more here.

Creative Roundtable: Peter Wu+
Thursday June 16 | 12 pm-1 pm

Join Peter Wu+, artist and curator, following his studio visits with 18th Street AiR for a friendly meet and greet. Learn more here.

Thank you to our generous supporters!

Artists At Work program, a collaboration between THE OFFICE performing arts + film and the LA County Department of Arts and Culture
City of Santa Monica
Art of Recovery, an initiative of the City of Santa Monica Cultural Affairs
Danish Art Foundation
LACMA’s Art + Technology Lab program
18th Street Arts Center’s generous community of donors

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