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Fall 2022 Program Guide

Inhabiting the GeoSphere


The last two years have been difficult for all of us, and laying a secure and stable foundation for this organization has never been more important.

One of the many incredible things about 18th Street is our commitment to “Inhabiting the Geosphere”, as evidenced by Dear Future, our current exhibition and Ranu Mukherjee’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles.

In this exhibition, Mukherjee contemplates forests as sites of survival, biodiversity, non-human agency, indigenous struggle, and interspecies communication. In her speculative process, an emergent urban forest connects visions of an ecological future with histories of colonization and the lush internal spaces of longing, desire, and the imagination. 

The future for 18th Street is rife with potential. As a community that believes in the transformative power of the arts, there has never been a better time to strengthen relationships and raise philanthropic support and we invite you to join us.

Joyce LaBriola
Development Manager


*** For in-person events, masks are required at all times.

The Ballona/Waachnga Project
A 24 hour installation by artists Halina Kliem & Daniel Rothman
Presented as part of the 2022 The Fulcrum Festival: Deep Ocean/Deep Space

Midnight to Midnight, Thursday, September 22, 2022 from 00:00 to 23:59
In-person: 18th Street Arts Center (Airport Campus)
3026 Airport Avenue Santa Monica CA 90405

The Ballona/Waachnga Project is a long durational, multistage work that, through a variety of media, brings together the fantasy and science of the Ballona Wetlands, Los Angeles’s last remaining wetland. For Fulcrum Festival, it is a meditation based on the soundscape of twenty-four continuous hours—midnight to midnight—juxtaposed with asynchronous visuals over a season of drought. It is installed in 19th Street Arts Center’s Kitchen Lab, a place of domesticated chemistry, where the sound and images of the freshwater marsh contrast with the corrugated steel hangar, reminding us that the Ballona Wetland was the site of Howard Hughes’s H4-Hercules plane (his Spruce Goose). The greater project will evolve over time as the recorded soundscape and visual imagery grow.

Related to RANU’s DEAR FUTURE exhibition

Saturday, October 8th | 5-8 PM
In-person: 18th Street Arts Center (Airport Campus)
3026 Airport Avenue Santa Monica CA 90405

Image Caption: Ensemble for Non- Linear Time/ hangar 22; 3 channel hybrid film installation, 4K video, sound; 20 minutes loop; 2022

Join us for the opening celebration of Dear Future, Ranu Mukherjee’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles, featuring a multi-channel hybrid film alongside mixed-media paintings informed by ruptures and imaginary forests. In conjunction with the opening Mukherjee will be in conversation with Stacey Harmer, Professor in the Department of Plant Biology at UC Davis, and moderated by Olivia Mole, artist, discussing the exhibition and Mukherjee’s recent work.

Artists in residence at 18th Street Arts Center’s Airport campus will host open studios where visitors can see their exciting work in progress. Market Exchange vendors will be on site selling their artisanal goods. Check out the exhibition Imaginary Dwellings.

This is an in-person event and masks will be required at all times inside the gallery. Please register in advance.


Arshia Fatima Haq
CALL TO DREAM: The Sam Francis Foundation Fellowship
September – November 2022

Arshia Fatima Haq (born in Hyderabad, India, based in Los Angeles, CA) works across film, visual art, performance, and sound. She works through counter archives and speculative narratives, and is currently exploring themes of embodiment, mysticism, indigenous and localized knowledge, particularly within the Islamic Sufi context . She is the founder of Discostan, a collaborative decolonial project and record label working with cultural production from South and West Asia and North Africa. She hosts and produces monthly radio shows on NTS. Arshia Haq’s fellowship residency at SOMA, Mexico City, is generously sponsored by the Sam Francis Foundation. Learn more here.

Hilla Ben Ari
September 2022

Hilla Ben Ari is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Tel Aviv. Her work spans a variety of mediums such as video, installation, sculpture, and print, and generates a dialogue with the field of theater and dance. Ben Ari held solo exhibitions at various art venues including Ticho House – The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Museum of Art, Ein Harod. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions at various museums and galleries, among them: the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Orange County Museum of Art, the MAXXI Museum, and the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts as part of the 2009 Asian Art Biennial. This residency is generously sponsored by Artis and the Consulate General of Israel, Los Angeles. Learn more here.

Park Kyung Ryul
September – November 2022

Park Kyung Ryul is an artist based in Seoul whose practice includes paining, drawing, ceramic and installation. Her recent work, the evenness series expands the flat space or the painting into the physical world. It challenges the impossible in narrative-biased paintings by expanding the time and space through the actions of the artist and the viewers. Pursuing the system of non-hierarchical structure in her painting, the ‘object’ and ‘space’ on the surface become the fundamental elements used to define the evenness of the painting. By translating each brush stroke into an object and independent elements of painting, paintings function only with external components: placement, configuration of an image (that does not represent or portray anything), and frame. Evenness, which carries the definition of being ‘flat’ and ‘homogenous’, deals with elements of a painting in an equal manner and approaches the exhibition space as a complete painting. This residency is generously supported by the Baik Art Gallery. Learn more here.

Jessi Ali Lin [Taiwan Academy]
October – December 2022

Jessi Ali Lin is an artist working with and through sculpture, video, performance, and embodiment. Her work exploits the notion of positionality both in terms of physical position and the multivalence of identity as central to her process. Drawing from feminist history, Minimalism, and performance art, Lin examines the relationship between the performance of the self, its fragmented nature, and its location within the social and built environment. This residency is generously sponsored by the Taiwan Academy. Learn more here.

Irene Campolmi [Danish Arts Foundation]
October – December 2022

Irene Campolmi a Copenhagen-based curator, currently working on exhibitions that investigate and question Italian colonial history, and the ethics that relate to identity issues and queer forms of living. For many years, Campolmi has focused my curatorial and academic research on performance, through postcolonial, queer, and feminist theories. Her research and practice have also concentrated on creating the conditions to apply ethics in curatorial work. This residency is generously funded by the Danish Arts Foundation. Learn more here.

Anne Krinsky
November – December 2022

Anne Krinsky is a London-based artist, born in the US. She works with paint, print, photography and video. Research underpins her practice and she has made installations in response to materials in archived collections in the US, UK and India. Fascinated by the ephemeral nature of the physical world, Anne investigates overlooked structures in the natural and lived environments. She trained as a printmaker, and layering – of ideas, images and media – lies at the heart of her process. Since 2018, Anne has been working on an international project about vulnerable wetlands and climate change. At 18th Street, she will focus on the Los Angeles River Corridor and on coastal wetlands near LA. She has been awarded an Arts Council England Developing Your Creative Practice Grant to fund her research. Learn more here.

Maria Meinild [Danish Arts Foundation]
December 2022 – March 2023

Through video installation, photography and sculpture Maria Meinild looks to investigate patterns of social behavior and the political subtext of everyday life. The staging of the relationship between objects, conditions and human beings unfolds in works where the connection between individual and interpersonal relations are explored.

Maria Meinild (SE/DK) lives and works in Copenhagen and holds an MFA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and she has also studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. This residency is generously sponsored by the Danish Arts Foundation. Learn more here.


Enjoy past and current exhibitions here.


Imaginary Dwellings
A group exhibition curated by Marvella Muro and Natalie Godinez
Participating Artists: Ameeta Nanji, Alvaro Marquez, David John Attyah, Dewey Tafoya, Favianna Rodriguez, Garland Kirkpatrick, Helvetica Jones, Irwin Sanchez, Jackie Amezquita, Jerolyne Crute, Jesus Barraza, Karen Fiorito, Lorain Khalil Rihan, Luciana Abait, Marianne Sadowski, Mark Young, Mustafa Ali Clayton, Naguals Press, Nansi Guevara, Raoul De La Sota, Ricardo Mendoza, S.A. Bachman, Sandow Birk, Sandra Fernandez, Sovanchan Sorn, Votan Henriquez, Weston Takeshi Teruya, and Zeke Peña
Slipstream Galleries
July 25 – December 3, 2022

Imaginary Dwellings addresses the systemic inequities that perpetuate housing insecurity for oppressed peoples. Beyond exemplifying realities such as land rights, settler colonialism, forced displacement, and migration, the exhibition demonstrates humanity’s adaptability, resistance, and perseverance in transforming new environments into a home.

This exhibition is generously supported by Santa Monica Cultural Affairs Division, Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture, California Community Foundation – LA Arts Fund, Mike Kelley Foundation, The Getty Foundation Marrow Internship Program, the Cultural Management grad program internship of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and 18th Street’s generous community of donors. The curators would like to give special thanks to Community Power Collective, Innercity Struggle, Eastside LEADS, Ramy Silyan, Sophia García, Priscilla Hernández, and Josiah O’Balles for allowing them to use their photographs, posters, and banners, as well as Self Help Graphics for loaning the prints from their archive for this exhibition.

Lucia Monge, Plantón móvil, 2010-ongoing. Plants, megaphones, Plantón Móvil book, and video documentation of the project. Dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist.

Dear Future
Participating artist: Ranu Mukherjee
Propeller Gallery
September 6, 2022 – March 4, 2023

Framed as a letter to the future, Ranu Mukherjee’s new body of work includes a hybrid film installation and a series of mixed-media paintings informed by “rupture” – or the life circumstances that trigger challenge and change – giving rise to dense imaginary forests.

​​This exhibition is generously supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, California Arts Council, Santa Monica Cultural Affairs Division, Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture, California Community Foundation – LA Arts Fund, Mike Kelley Foundation, The Getty Foundation Marrow Internship Program, and 18th Street’s generous community of donors.

Lucia Monge, Plantón móvil, 2010-ongoing. Plants, megaphones, Plantón Móvil book, and video documentation of the project. Dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist.

(Re)imagining Home: On Care for Our Common Home
A group exhibition curated by Emma Balda, Venus Tung-yan Lau
Participating artists: Alexandra Dillon, Christopher Tin, Dan Kwong, Dan S Wang, David McDonald, Deborah Lynn Irmas, Debra Disman, Edi Dai, Elham Sagharchi, Gwen Samuels, Jeff Beall, Julia Michelle Dawson, Lionel Popkin, Luciana Abait, M Susan Broussard, Melinda Smith Altshuler, Michael Masucci, Po-Hao Chi, Rebecca Youssef, and Yvette Gellis.
Kitchen Lab
August 22, 2022 – July 31, 2023

Over the last two years, our notions of home have been challenged, transformed, and clarified. The pandemic has simultaneously forced us to shrink our physical home, while also asking us to expand our sense of home to now include people, food, rituals, and ideas. We have also seen our relationship with and to the Earth change. We have seen that our sense of home must expand to include the Earth and the way we care for it.

​​This exhibition was inspired by a series of studio visits between the curators and participating artists. This project was truly artist-driven and would not be possible without them and their willingness to engage with the concept, as we learn what it means as a community to share space– physically, emotionally, and creatively. The curators would like to thank the artists and staff of 18th Street for this opportunity, guidance, and support.


18th Street is excited to continue and expand our Professional Development and Studio Visit programs for our artists in residence. This quarter we will be hosting sessions with Peter Wu+, curator of EPOCH gallery; Becky Koblick curator and director of Altman Siegel, San Francisco; Holly Jerger, senior exhibitions curator at Craft Contemporary (formerly Craft & Folk Art Museum) in Los Angeles; and Erika Anderson, ED at Sarah Myerscough Gallery, London. Robin Cembalest, former longtime editor of ARTnews, will be teaching Arts Communications Essentials, a webinar series for artists, once a month from June to October 2022. 

To be an artist in residence at 18th Street Arts Center, apply here.

Borderless is 18th Street Arts Center’s special membership program on Patreon.

As a member, you get access to exclusive Borderless program content and events, a full color print of 18th Street Arts Center’s catalogue, access to professional development workshops and trainings for artists, exhibition tours, and more!

Learn more about Borderless and each level’s perks here: https://www.patreon.com/18thstreetarts

The following Professional Development and Creative Roundtable virtual programs are for artists in residence at 18th Street Arts Center and for Borderless members on the Arts Professional tier and above!


Designed for arts professionals of all levels, this webinar series with Robin Cembalest, former longtime editor of ARTnews, offers training in essential communications skills in a collegial setting. Webinar sessions on content strategy, social media, elevator pitches, artist statements, and promotion share strategies, best practices, and offer valuable one-on-one-feedback.  Sessions in this 2022 series are scheduled for June 9, July 14, August 11, September 15, and October 13. All will be online over Zoom and will not be recorded. Learn more here.

Session 4: Writing Your Artist Statement
Thursday September 15 | 12 pm-1 pm

Online: Zoom

Call it your bio, “about blurb,” or statement: Every creative professional needs a paragraph (or two) that sums up their practice. Using examples from various artists, the class offers templates for describing your art practice in about 150 words.

Session 5: Promoting Yourself and Your Art
Thursday October 13 | 12 pm-1 pm

Online: Zoom

This final class in the series unites lessons from the first four to focus on the art of self-promotion. Whether you have a show coming up or you’re trying to get one, this workshop gives you strategies to attract the interest of galleries, journalists, curators, collectors and other influencers.  

Check out the rest of the sessions here.


Creative Roundtable: Becky Koblick
Thursday, September 22 | 12 pm-1 pm PT
Online: Zoom

Join Becky Koblick, independent curator and director of Altman Siegel, San Francisco, for a friendly meet and greet. Learn more here.

Creative Roundtable: Irene Campolmi
Thursday, October 20 | 12 pm-1 pm PT
Online: Zoom

Join Irene Campolmi, Copenhagen-based curator, for a friendly meet and greet.
Learn more here.

Creative Roundtable: Holly Jerger
Thursday, November 3 | 12 pm-1 pm PT

Join Holly Jerger, senior exhibitions curator at Craft Contemporary (formerly Craft & Folk Art Museum) in Los Angeles, for a friendly meet and greet. Learn more here.

Creative Roundtable: Peter Wu+
Thursday, November 10 | 12 pm-1 pm PT

Join Peter Wu+, artist and curator, for a workshop leading guests from purchasing Tezos to minting their first NFT. Learn more here.

Creative Roundtable: Erika Anderson
Thursday, December 15 | 12 pm-1 pm PT

Join Erika Anderson, ED at Sarah Myerscough Gallery, London, for a friendly meet and greet. Learn more here.

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