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Preserving Pico: A Workshop on the Preservation of Photographs

Do you have musty old boxes of print photographs that have never been digitized? What about old historic family photos, a wealth of visual information about your roots? Well, have we got a workshop for you!

Preserving Pico
A Workshop on the Preservation of Photographs
@ The Pico Branch Library in Virginia Avenue Park
Saturday, November 18, 2017
2 – 5 PM
Space is limited: RSVP NOW

The Los Angeles Archivists Collective, in collaboration with the 18th Street Arts Center, presents a workshop on how to preserve physical photographic collections. Topics covered will include best practices for handling, caring for and storing your photographs. Members of the Pico Neighborhood and wider Santa Monica area are specially invited to bring a few photographs to be digitized and contributed to the Culture Mapping 90404 Project.

Facilitated by 18th Street Arts Center, Culture Mapping 90404 is a community produced map highlighting the history and cultural assets of the Pico neighborhood. Cultural assets are people, places, events and organizations, both past and present, that serve as cultural anchors within this community. In collaboration with the Alliance for California Traditional Arts, we have trained community volunteers to document cultural resources, memories, and histories in the Pico neighborhood of Santa Monica. Learn more and get involved by accessing the map here:




HOW CAN I PARTICIPATE IN PRESERVING PICO? Space for this event is limited. An RSVP is highly recommended. Please RSVP

WHAT TYPES OF ITEMS CAN I BRING? You can bring up to 5 personal negatives or loose and unframed photographic prints. Photographs should be 8.5” x 11” and smaller. Photographs of long-term residents, historical and cultural events, community leaders, artists, artworks and community groups of the Pico neighborhood of Santa Monica are particularly encouraged. 

WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO MY PHOTOGRAPHS ONCE THEY ARE SCANNED? Upon scanning, the originals will be returned to you. In addition, the digital files will be provided to you on a thumb drive. You will also have the option to contribute your photographs to Culture Mapping 90404. For more info on the project, visit

HOW CAN I PREPARE TO ADD MY PHOTOGRAPH(S) TO THE CULTURAL ASSET MAP? If available, please be prepared with background information about your photograph such as date, location and description. Also be prepared to offer a brief explanation of why you believe the photograph should be included on the cultural asset map.

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