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Past Artists

Gil Yefman, Tumtum, 2013. 99 X 99 X 99 Inch, Crochet, Acrylic Yarn. Louis Vuitton Foundation, Paris. Photo By Pauline Guyon. Courtesy Of Louis Vuitton.
DENG Wen-Jen, Gunintou Battle II 1949 (detail), 2021. Tapestry, Linen, And Cotton Threads. Image Courtesy Of The Artist.
Lyndsay Knecht, With Jessamyn Plotts, Still From Victoria’s Saint, 2019. Performance Documentation Video For Installation In Place Of A Painting. Shown At Pollock Gallery In Dallas, Texas, April 2019.
Lawrence Lek, Geomancer, 2017. Video With Colour, Sound, 48min. Still. Commissioned For The Jerwood/FVU Award. Courtesy Of The Artist And Sadie Coles HQ.
Michael Henry Hayden, Late Shadow, 2019. 48 X 48 X 4 Inches. Oil, Flashe, Aquaresin, And Wood. Photo By Adam Moskowitz. Courtesy Of The Artist And Moskowitz Bayse Gallery.
Jorge Rosano Gamboa, En El En Medio, 2023. Variable Sizes. View Of Solo Show At Galería La Nao. Photo By Aimee Suarez Nezahualcoyotl.
Sophie Dupont, Marking Breath, 18_January Sunrise Sunset, 2017. Photo Courtesy Of Therese Maria Gram.
Rasmus Røhling, Poppies!, 2019. 50 × 65 Cm. Pain-relieving Ointments (Voltaren, Xylocain 5%) On Monet Poster From Hospital Waiting Room. Exhibited At Art Hub Copenhagen. Photo By Alexandra Hunts. Courtesy Of Wilson Busfield.
Ranu Mukherjee, What We Lose Is All Around Us, 2021. 72 X 96 Inches (182.9 X 106.7 Cm), Pigment, Cristalina, UV Inkjet Print And Silk And Cotton Sari Fabric On Linen. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Michala Paludan, Cipher, 2018. Acrylic On Canvas. 5m X 7m. Live Without, Primer. Photo By David Stjernholm. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Verena Schöttmer, If I Was A Yeti I Would Freeze Your Heart /Installationview, 2022. 75cm X 130 Cm. Diverse Fabrics, Fleece, Quilted. Photo By Document_it / Giesemann. Courtesy Of The Artist
Photo By Christopher Wormald. Courtesy Of Fulcrum Arts
Ara Oshagan, Levon Parian, And Vahagn Thomasian, Iwitness Installation, 2015. Metal, Back-lite Vinyl, Solar-powered Lights. 10-16 Feet, Variable Size. Public Art Installation At Grand Park, DTLA. Photo By Shant Sahakian. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Park Kyung Ryul, Meeting Place, 2019. Dimensions Variable. Oil On Canvas, Oil On Paper, Wrapped Painting, Glazed Ceramic, Wood, Sponge, Plaster, Paper Tape, Orange, Acrylic Tube, Clay, Toy, Wooden Frame. SongEun Art Space. Courtesy Of Artist.
Irene Campolmi, Enter Art Fair 2021, Miles Greenberg, The Embrace. Photo Courtesy Of Julie Nymann.
Maria Meinild, A HUM, 2019. Video 11 Minutes Loop, Sound, Chairs, Foam, Wood, Shirt. Exhibition View From Gallery Image. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Jessi Ali Lin, Still Life III, 2021. Single Channel Video Projection, Wooden Panel, Glass. Installation Shot, Wants & Needs, EFA Project Space, New York, NY. Photo By Yann Chashanovski. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Hilla Ben Ari, The Voice That Calls To Itself, 2021. Multi-channel Video Installation. Photo Courtesy Of The Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Photo By Elie Posner.
Arshia Haq, Ajnabi Milan, 2019. Performance, Paillettes, Corrugated Aluminum Digital Print, 2019. Photo By Labkhand Olfatmanesh.
Anne Krinsky, Wetlands Shifting Shorelines, 2021. Partial View Of 20 Panels, Each 35.5 X 35.5 Inches. Digital Print On Dibond Aluminum. Seafront Promenade, Worthing, England. Photo By Anne Krinsky. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Edi Dai, Growing Cotton In Los Angeles, CA, 2021. Dimensions Variable. Cotton Plant, Sunlight, Air, Soil, Fertilizer, Insects, Nematodes, Neem Oil, Water, Pots. Photo Courtesy Of The Artist.
Pei-Chi Kuo, Disorder, 2015. 95x65x20cm. Interactive Installation, Compass, Gloves, Acrylic, Timber. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Shirley Villavicencio Pizango, The Dawn Of Your Sleeping Soul, 2021. 125x120cm. Acrylic On Canvas. Photo By David Samyn. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Po-Hao Chi, Live Performance At The Agravic Starry Sky Exhibition, 2019.
Susan Zimmerman, Passage, 2021. 84” X 50’ X 36” (variable). Thread, Linen, Natural Dyes, Cardboard, Acrylic Paint, Screws, Rope. Photo By Sibila Savage.
Art Reality Studio
Ranu Mukherjee, What We Lose Is All Around Us, 2021. 72 X 96 Inches (182.9 X 106.7 Cm), Pigment, Cristalina, UV Inkjet Print And Silk And Cotton Sari Fabric On Linen. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Phaye Poliakoff-Chen
Helena Fernández-Cavada, Letters And Roots / Cartas A Mi Madre, 2015 - 2017. Helena Fernández-Cavada In Conversation With Carmen Romero. Hard Cover, 128 Pages, 25 Cm X 21 Cm. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Jaye Rhee, Once Called Future, 2019. Dimensions Variable. 7min 31sec. 3-channel Video Installation.
Stine Linnemann & Trine Lindegaard, Weaving NV Together, 2017. 10 Meters By 3 Meters. Pink Polyester Thread And Discarded Industrial Textiles. Ansgar Church In Copenhagen NV, Denmark. Photo By Casper Vildrik Justesen. Funded By Fuglekvarteret And Nordvest City Renewal Projects And Bispebjerg Local Council, Copenhagen Municipal.
Nung-Hsin Hu, Eternal Return, 2019. Arctic Sunlight 16mm Film Loop, 16mm Analogue Projector, A Round Mirror. Size Variable. EFA (The Elizabeth Foundation For The Arts) Project Space, New York. Photo By Kuo-heng Huang. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Maru Garcia, Vacuoles: Bioremediating Cultures, 2019. Installation. 29 Ceramic Pieces Containing Lead-contaminated Soil From South East Los Angeles, Three-channel Video Projections. Dimensions Variable. New Wight Gallery. Broad Art Center. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Amy Ahlstrom, Much Too Much 4, 2021. 24” X 24”. Silk And Cotton Quilt. Photo By Dana Davis. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Alex Cruse, DROUGHT SPA, 2018. Video Still, ​Guanxi 350-950​. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Lisa Weiss, Moon Shadow, 2020. 45” X 36”. Mixed Media On Paper. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Brooke McGowen, Magic Mountain 4, 2019. 18 X 24 In. Acrylic On Canvas. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Giuseppe Stornello, Death Calls, 2020. 150 X 100 Cm. Photograph Printed On Dibond. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Christopher McBride
Labkhand Olfatmanesh, Self Portrait, From BabyMaybe Performance, 2019. Photography. Salton Sea, CA. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Diego Torres, Man In The Water, 2017. 12“ X 12“. Digital Drawing. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Yvette Murrell And Michelle Phillips
Ling-lin Ku, Moving Forward, 2020. 3D Prints And Silicon Rubber. 30in X 17in X 1in.
Mary-Lynn & Carlo Massoud, Chair-y, 2020. 90 X 100 X 120 Cm. Foam And Green Concrete. Courtesy Of House Of Today.
SeedyFilms #4, Presentation Of The Archives Of EZTV From The Collections Of The ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives And EZTV, Preserved At The 18th Street Arts Center (Santa Monica, CA), With Kate Johnson And Michael Masucci, June 21st 2019. Bibliothèque Kandinsky, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France.
Joey Hauying Tong, Kaifong Tour: Community Tour Programme, 2021. Live Community Tour Broadcast In Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong. Courtesy Of Kaifong Tour, Hong Kong.
Jennifer Chia-ling Ho, Failed Attempts, 2019. Stoneware And Glaze. Size Varies (Approx. 10 X 13 X 18 Inches Each). Courtesy Of The Artist.
Rashaad Newsome, To Be Real, 2020. Installation Shot, Fort Mason Center For Art And Culture, San Francisco, CA. Image Courtesy Of Rashaad Newsome Studio.
Benito Rangel De Maria, 9 BRICKS (BABEL) - 2020-2021. Mixed Media On Paper Mounted On Clay Bricks. Dimensions Variable. Photo By Marcos Landin, Courtesy Of Studio RDM.
Cynthia Wick, Pink House In Richmond, 2019–20. Mixed Media. 16x20 Inches. Photo By And Courtesy Of The Artist.
Elana Mann, (installation View) Year Of Wonders, 2020. Fiberglass, Resin, Steel, Ceramic, Wood, Glass. Dimensions Variable. Artpace San Antonio. Originally Commissioned And Produced By Artpace San Antonio. Photo By Beth Devillier. Courtesy Of Artpace San Antonio.
Paul Cornish By Rodjiana Munoz
Kathleen Henderson, On The Beach, 2019. Oil Stick On Paper. 20 X 26 Inches. Courtesy Of Sean MTrack 16 Gallery, Los Angeles.
WangShui, Weak Pearl, 2019. 5 Minute Loop. Three-channel Video, Flexible LED Mesh, Mica Flakes. Installation View At The Julia Stoschek Collection, Berlin. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Paulina Sahagun
Liv Schulman: The Gobernment, 2020. Installation View At Bemis Center For Contemporary Arts, Omaha, NE. Photo By Colin Conces. Photo Courtesy Of Liv Shulman And Bemis Center For Contemporary Arts, Omaha.
Siru Wen, 同一屋檐下 Yi And Huahua's House, 2020. Multi-channel Video Installation. Dimensions Variable. Photo By The Artist. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Cog•nate Collective (Misael Diaz And Amy Sanchez Arteaga)
ALEXANDMUSHI, Portable Studio, Nakameguro, Tokyo, 2015. Participatory-durational Practice. Archival Print. 59 X 88.5 Inches. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Beatriz Cortez, Los Angeles Vernacular: Space Capsule Interior, 2016. Installation View At Monte Vista Projects. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Nung Hsin-Hu. Pressure Test, 2020. Two Channel Video (HD). 3:30 Minutes. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Rebecca Setareh, Encounter. 19 X 15 X 15 Inches. Bronze And Rock. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Beth Davila Waldman, Inevitable Entails No. 3, 2020. 40x56 In. Photo Transfer And Acrylic Paint On Canvas. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Sultan Sharrief
Sara Daleiden By Lee Matz
Melinda Smith Altshuler, Ascension, Suspension To Cultural Blindness/ Correcting Vision, 2021 (installation Detail). Suspended Bound Chairs, Electric Cord, 10 Framed Inkjet Photos Of LA Tent Shelters. Photo By Gene Ogami. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Hell Gette, #Venus3.0, 2019. Ceramic. Approx. 25 X 20 Cm. Photo By Kilian Blees. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Marcos Ramirez ERRE, Presidential Bed, 2000. Installation. Iturralde Gallery, Los Angeles. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Alex Cruse, FUME: Fractured Pressures In Volatility’s Mouth, 2019. Video Still. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Ranu Mukherjee, Succession, 2018. Video Installation: HD Video (5 Minutes 41 Seconds), 2 Sided Projection Screen, Cut Vinyl Mirror Dance Floor, Charred Wood, And Wall Murals (latex Paint, Charcoal, And Graphite On Wall). 25 Ft X 25 Ft, 20 Ft X 12 Ft, 20 Ft X 12 Ft, 10 Ft X 12 Ft, 10 Ft X 12 Ft. Be Not Still, Living In Uncertain Times, Di Rosa Center For Contemporary Art, Sonoma, California. Photo By Johnna Arnold. Courtesy Of The Artist And Gallery Wendi Norris.
Katya Kan, Sketch (a), (b), (c), 2019. Triptych, Oil On Canvas. 42 X 29 Cm (each). Courtesy Of The Artist.
Patty Chang, In Love, 2001. 2 Channel Video Installation. Variable Dimensions. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Sabine Pearlman, Totem Pole #10, 2019. Archival Photograph. Various Dimension.
Shirazette Tinnin
Michal Heiman
Hilla Ben Ari, Scales, 2018. Pigment Inkjet Print, 58 X 100 Cm. Photo By Omri Meron. Courtesy Of The Artist.
OCEANS BREATHE SALTY, 2015. Curated By Mette Woller. Complete Body, Performance. Choreography By Contemporary Cruising (Tomislav Feller And Manuel Scheiwiller), Clothing By Anissa Djeziri & Mette Krebs, Exhibition Design By Mette Woller. Back: Lea Guldditte Hestelund, Orlando ’15. New York. Photo By Søren Aagaard.
Stefan A. Pedersen, Powder Room, 2014. 35 Slides, Kodak Carousel Projector. Photo By Stefan A. Pedersen. Courtesy The Artist.
Ted Thirlby, Root Chakra, 2018. Plywood, Stain, Oil Paint. 35” X 56”. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Luigia Gio Martelloni, Souls Of Salt S.O.S.. Courtesy Of Artist.
Gina Dominique, Concentric Pink Circles, 2018. Acrylic And Pencil On Board. 22” Diameter. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Julia Michelle Dawson, Abundance - Altered, 2019. Acrylic On Canvas / Digital Art. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Katya Kan, Ritual Union I, 2017. Oil On Canvas. 136 X 97 Cm. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Arturo Hernández, Photo Of The Rebozos Drying Process. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Verena Schöttmer, ÷ (connecting Studies), 2019. Ceramics, Styrodur. 5 X 2.50 M. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Maddy LeMel, Dust Cloud, 2006. Metal, Wire, Paper. 45 X 30 X 3 Inches. Photo By Terry Wimmer.
Wendy Edlen, Untitled 4. Acrylic With Acrylic Glaze. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Sheila Karbassian, Ascending, 2018. Paper. 18 X 24 Inches. Courtesy Of Youniversal Center.
Sara Issakharian, Untitled, 2019. Acrylic On Paper. 28 X 24 Inches. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Rena D. Cruz, BLUE LILLIES, 2017. Ink And Acrylic On Canvas. 24 X 30 Inches. Photo By Tommy Martinsen.
Rebecca Youssef, Obfuscate, 2021. Acrylic And Pastel On Recycled Paper Bag. 24.75 X 32.5 Inches. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Rachel Grynberg, Ascending, 2014. Oil On Panel. 40 X 60 Inches. Photo By Gene Ogami.
Pamela Simon, Untitled-Inside Out, 2020. Acrylic On Canvas. 36 X 48 Inches. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Joan Wulf, ECHOES, 2022. Installation View At Themes + Projects Gallery, San Francisco. Photo By Danny Sanchez. Courtesy Of Themes + Projects.
Gwen Samuels, Out Of Context, 2021. Digital Images Reformatted, Printed On Transparency, Hand-stitched To Wire. 36 X 53 X 2 Inches. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Gregg Chadwick, Venice - Skate Light, 2018. Oil On Linen. 16 X 20 Inches. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Eric Merola, 28, 2019. Oil, Spray Paint On Canvas. 48 X 72 Inches. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Elham Sagharchi, Untitled, 2019. Mixed Media, Oil Paint, Collage On Canvas. 24 X 48 Inches. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Daniela Schweitzer, Restful, 2018. Acrylic On Canvas. 60 X 48 Inches. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Crystal Michaelson, Saisir Le Jour No.5, 2021. Acrylic, House Paint, Oil Pastel, Crayon, Colored Pencil, Graphite, Charcoal, Canvas On Canvas. 72 X 60 Inches. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Claudia Concha, Magia, 2020. Acrylics On Canvas, 36 X 48 Inches. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Ameeta Nanji, Shakti - Shiva / Creation – Destruction, 2015. Paper Collage. 16 X 18 Inches. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Alexandra Dillion, Four Ladies, 2018. Acrylic And Oil On Paint Brushes. 8.5” X 12”. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Renée Petropoulos With Arturo Hernandez, Platforms & Wool, 2018. Studio View. 96 X 222 Inches. Courtesy Of Museo De Arte Contemporanea De Oaxaca, Mexico.
Inhwan Oh, Reciprocal Viewing System-2017, 2017. Installation View Of The Asia Corridor Contemporary Art Exhibition, Kyoto Art Center. Photo By Takeru Koroda. Courtesy Of The Asia Corridor Contemporary Art Exhibition.
Damir Avdagic, Prevodenje (Translation), 2014. 16:13 Minutes. SD-video, Sound. Installation View. Photo By Paul Mpagi Sepuya.
Lin Yi Chun, The Place I Haven't Had A Chance To Remember, 2016-2018. Three-channel Video. 11’3’’. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Su Hui-Yu, The Glamorous Boys Of Tang (1985, Qiu Gang-Jian), 2018. Video Installation. Color/sound. 15'00". Exhibition View At The National Taiwan Museum Of Fine Art. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Guillermo Galindo, Echo Exodus, 2017. Documenta14. Kassel, Germany. Special Thanks To The Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, The US Artists International, The National Endowment For The Arts, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, And New Music USA. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Stephen Eastaugh, LOST EMERGENCY CRAFT, 2016. Pearl Shell (Pinctada Maxima), Acrylic. 15 X 12 Cm. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Sophia Balagamwala, Golden Opportunist, 2018. 3’ X 4’. Acrylic On Canvas, Fiberglass Frame. Courtesy Of The Artist.
THE WINTER OFFICE, Re-wildering Holographic Weeds, 2019. Courtesy Of The Artists.
Madison Bycroft And Angelica Falkeling, Pity Dust (still), 2016. 2:14 Min, 8:49 Min. One Channel Digital Music Video In Short And Long Version. Courtesy Of The Artists.
Anthony Discenza, 2831-1542165551477, 2018. 72 X 54 Inches. Inkjet On Vinyl. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Carla Bengtson, Mimetic Excess, 2016. 1:38 Minutes On Loop. Video. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Ha:ar, Portraits From Museum Of Freedom #2/2, 2018. 28 Cm X 28 Cm. UV Print Of Computer-generated Image On Glass With Light Box. Courtesy Of The Artists.
Clarissa Tossin, 21st Century Wisdom: Healing Frank Lloyd Wright’s Textile Block Houses , 2019. Installation View At 18th Street Arts Center. Photo By Clarissa Tossin.
Photo By Jacob McCalsin
Curated By Erin Fletcher And Ashley Biser, What We Make, 2018, Installation View, From Left, Works By Robby Herbst (I+We. 2015), Carmen Winant (Pictures Of Women Working, 2016), Hank Willis Thomas (Delta, 2014), Possibilities Gallery, Ross Art Museum. Courtesy Of Erin Fletcher And Ashley Bier.
Marie Markman, Marie Markman And Architect Students Laura Græsdal Maajen , Iben Wenzel Nahmens, Susanne Brix Pedersen, Sigrid Marie Poulsen, Karen Lindkvist Thomsen And Canna Rosell Worsøe Making Traffic Island Edible Landscape, 2012. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Jeannette Ehlers, The Gaze, 2018, Video. Photo By Delmar Mavignier. Courtesy Of Jeannette Ehlers.
Nikolaj Recke, I Miss Sol LeWitt, 2010, Video Still, Socorro New Mexico. Photo By Nikolaj Recke. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Karlsson Rixon, Nakenakt Feat. Mario Fjell, 2016/2018, Installation 36 Photographs, Thiel Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden. Photo By Karlsson Rixon. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Emmalea Russo, Ocean Edits, 2016, Dimensions Variable, Plexiglas And Sharpie. Courtesy Of The Artist.
Pei-Yu Lee,《請你吃土》Come Eat Dust Together, 2016. Photo By Pei-Yu Lee. Courtesy Of Pei-Yu Lee.
Edmund Cook Curated By Alejandro Alonso Diaz, I Cannot Be Sure Anymore: Mouthguards Com Mutation, Installation View. Photo By ALejandro Alonso Diaz. Courtesy Of The Artist And Chisenhale.
Kenneth Tam, Stills From Griffith Park Boys Camp, 2018. Photo By Kenneth Tam. Courtesy Of Kenneth Tam.
Maria Agureeva, Dust, 2018, Still Of Five-channel Video Installation: 56 Min. Photo By Maria Agureeva. Courtesy Of Maria Agureeva.
Chuni Park, Blurry Landscape - The Gate, 2005, 137 X 195 Cm, Muk Ink & Acrylic On Hanji Paper. Photo By Chuni Park. Courtesy Of Chuni Park.
Andrea Gardner, Under The Sun, 2015. Photo By Andrea Gardner. Courtesy Of Andrea Gardner.
Brit Bunkley And Andrea Gardner, Peaceable Kingdom Detail, 2017, PLA Plastic, Paint And Wood. Photo By Brit Bunkley. Courtesy Of Brit Bunkley.
Curated By Astria Suparak, Installation Shot Of KEEP IT SLICK: Infiltrating Capitalism With The Yes Men, 2008, Carnegie Mellon University’s Miller Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA. Photo By Astria Suparak. Courtesy Of Astria Suparak.
6a. Alexandra Hopf, Modell Rodchenko, 2012, Primed Canvas. Photo By Alexandra Hopf. Courtesy Of Alexandra Hopf.
Poyen Wang, Construction Of Intimacy, 2016, 13" X 24" X 15," 3D Printed Sculpture, Composite Powder, Threads. Photo By Poyen Wang. Courtesy Of Poyen Wang.
Rick Buckley, Fingers & Dumb Thumb, 2015, Bronze, 32 X 32 Cm, Industry & Idleness #2. Photo By Rick Buckley. Courtesy Of Rick Buckley.
Yang Jung Uk, Balance Of A Certain Person, 2016, Wood, Motor, Steel, Thread, 250x30x130(h)cm
Asia Sztencel, You Can't Carry Your Landscape With You, Brooklyn, NY (Kurier Plus/Polish Cultural Institute) / Credit: Blazej Sendzielski
Paul Pescador, "Going West," Film Still (1), 2018.
Photo By Elie Posner.
Orly Ruaimi, Dagger Gauntlet And The Vegetarian, 2016, H22"xW9"xD5", Forged Steel And Paint. Photo By Nanxi Zhou.
Hyein Lee, The Summer Midnight In Berlin Series, 2012, 40x50 Cm, Oil On Canvas. Photo By Kwon O-yeol.
Paul Harryn, Bedouin Cauldron, 2017 - 2018, 4’H 4’W, Ink And Acrylic Paint On Stretched Canvas.
Daniel Canogar, Qwerty, 2015, Wood Shelf, Salvaged Keys From Keyboard, Projector, 3 Min Video Loop. Photo By Sofía Montenegro.
Golden Boy, 2017; Wool, Polyester, Lycra, Sewing Pins; 26 X 24 In. Photo: Dan Gilsdorf.
La Pocha Nostra. Photo By Manuel Vason, 2015. Image Courtesy La Pocha Nostra.
Mariángeles Soto-Díaz, Instituto Experimental Tropical Del Amazonas, 2018. Image Courtesy The Artist.
Jesper Dyrehauge, Untitled, 2016. 92 X 72 Cm. Carrot Stamping On Canvas.
I-Chern Lai, From The Intervention 'I Replaced 386 Shells On The Beach With The Moulds Of My Thumb's Finger Print', The Moulds Of My Thumb's Finger Print, 2017, The Hague, Netherlands, Photo By Yasunori Kawamatsu
Aleksandra Wałaszek, 'Live TV', Happening And Installation, Live Streaming, 2015, Photo: Karolina Włodek
Miyuki Yokomizo, 'Please Wash Away', Plastic, Soap, Vinyl, Dimension Variable, 2017
Đào Duy Tùng, 'History Of Now', Artbook
Bise-01: Excerpt Image Of The Video Document For The Performance ''Give Me A French Kiss Please''
The MART Gallery 1
Labyrinth, Steel, 8' X 40' X 40', Commissioned By Mural Arts, Philadelphia As Part Of OPEN SOURCE, 2015. Photo Credit: Steve Steve Weinik.
Mariam Ghani, Like Water From A Stone (Petroleum Playground #2), Digital C-print, 20x30, 2014.
Milenko Prvacki, Dictionary Of Abstraction, 2015. Acrylic On Linen 117 By 207 Cm; 46 By 81 1/2 In.
Delia Prvacki, Rare Earths, 2011-2012
X-ROADS, Photographic Print 85cm X 126cm, From LA EDGE
Free Mithu, On-going Web Based Interactive Project KHOJ International Artists Association 2007-  Credits: KHOJ International Artists Association
The Laboratory For Embodied Intelligences, (Santa Monica, 2017 Performance) Photo: Carole Kim Dancers, Left To Right: Vanessa Baish, Fonzy Cervera, Hyoin Jun, Jonathan Bryant, Flora Wiegmann
Interior View Of “One I Call”
HOC COH (As Far As The Eye Can See), 2016
"Under Water", Video, 2015
Miss World, Parmer, Brooklyn, October 5-26, 2014 Photo By Jacqueline Mabey Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)]
LOVELACE Import Projects, Berlin  Showcase Of TOVES Annual Report 2014 With Uffe Isolotto Organized With Elena Gilbert & Import Projects
Kenyatta A. C. Hinkle, The Huntress, 2014, India Ink And Collage On Cotton Paper, 12 X 12 In, Photo By Artist.
Lucky Dragons “Actual Reality” 2011-ongoing, Duration Variable, Performance, Image Courtesy Of Lucky Dragons
Dogwalk, 2016.
The Ship Of Fools Mooring At The Train Station, 2016. Film, 25 Min.
Oro, 2015. Mixed Media On Paper, 430x230x270cm. Courtesy Gallery Bart Nijmegen.
Rick Buckley, Black Bile 84, 2015, HD-DV 00:03:55 Min Looped Projection. Photo: Manuela Barczewski. Courtesy Focal Point Gallery.
Alexandra Hopf, 2015, Exhibition View Maison Tatlin, Galerie, Scharmann Laskowski, Cologne.
Performance By Jumatatu Poe From 2013.
Jose Carlos Teixeira Visiting Artist At 18th Street Arts Center
Exhibition 'Promenade Architecturale', Solo Show By Pablo Valbuena. Fort De Bruissin Art Center (Grand Lyon), 2014. Courtesy Of The Artist.
William Wells At 18th Street Arts Center
Guillermo Gomez-Peña At 18th Street Arts Center
Los Angeles Poverty Department, "Walk The Talk", 2018. Parade And Performances In Skid Row. Photo By Monica Nouwens. Courtesy Of The Artists.
Robin Adsit
Yung-chen Nieh | Graphic Artist And Art Director
Clodualdo “Dindo” Llana
Joaquin Segura
Matt Hinkley
David Keating
Paul Adair
Judith Margolis | Paintings
Peter Atkins
Sonya Kelliher Combs
Anthony Johnson
Michael Arcega
Sue-Ching You
Dejan Kaludjerovic | Paintings And Installations
Marcos Castro
Vedran Perkov | Multimedia Artist
Marko Tadic
Ian Haig | Visual Arts And Media Arts
Aneta Szylak
Hui-Yu Su | Video And Performance Artist
Mark Spencer | Painter And Visual Artist
James Newitt
Jee Un Park
Barry Frydlender | Photography
Grant Stevens
Yoon Lee | Paintings
Liz Aggiss & Billy Cowie | Dance/theatre Performance, Screen Dance And Installation
Diego Teo | Mixed Media
Ana Devic
Chia-Ling Kuo | Video Artist
Jesper Alvaer
Stepanka Simlova
Eric Siu
Therese Ritchie | Animator, Painter, Photographer And Graphic Designer
Brendan Lee | Video Installation Artist And Photographer
Shu-mei Su | Ceramics Artist
Keiko Inoh
Zara Kriegstein
Zelimir Kosevic
Mare Milin
Cindy Lee | Media Artist
Stephen Haley | Painting, Photography And New Media
Starlie Geikie
Charlene Shih | Multimedia Artist
Darryl Montana
Shawn Hall
Dona Simons | Oil Painting
Midori Harima
Neal Smith | Sculpture Artist
Shiau-Peng Chen | Painter And Multimedia Artist
Selfportrait With Mask, Oil On Canvas, 63 × 51 Inches, 2013.
Carole Benzaken | Multimedia Artist
Stuart Bailey
Jaakko Helikkilä | Photographer
Eva Castringius
Alex Donis | Visual Artist
Tellervo Kalleinen
Lin Wei | Performance Artist And Photographer
Sandy Amerio | Parisian Video Artist
Denis Brun | Mixed Media And Digital Artist
Samon Takahashi
Jemima Wyman | Installed Performance Based Video And Painting
Heidi Wood
Lesley Giovanelli
Wen-Hu Chiung
Tsai-Wei Chen
Lan-Ya Huang | Multimedia Sculptor
Ivan Fayard
Fiona MacDonald | Photography, Installation And Video/film
Dominic Redfern | Video Artist
Nusra Qureshi | Mughal Miniature Painting
Kevin Phillips | Painter
Yi-Fan Chen | Conceptual Artist
Shi-Wei Lien | Clothier And Metal-smith
Philippe Jacq | French Photographer And Video Artist
Guy Cross
Yuki Kimura
Alexandrer Knox
Nadine Christensen
Beata Geyer | Polish-Australian Contemporary Visual Artist
Robert Pulie | Australian Artist
Jane Trengove
Jurek Wybraniec
Per Hüttner
Ming-Sheng Lee | Interdisciplinary Artist
Valérie Mréjen | Writer, Visual And Video Artist
Artist John Smith
Michael Lindeman
Louisa Bufardeci | Australian Artist
Christopher Dean | Australian Painter
James Lynch Artist
Delphine Coindet | French Installation Artist
Ali Acerol | Mixed Media Sculptor
Popok Tri Wahyudi | Indonesian Mixed Media Artist
Japanese Artist Tatsuo Inagaki
Cecilia Wendt - Swedish Installation Artist
Shahid Nadeem - Screenwriter, Playwright, Journalist And Human Rights Activist
Sculptures Of Long-Bin Chen
Mixed Media Installation Artist Matthieu Manche
Phil Collins - Live Arts And Video
Photographer Manuel Piña
Rogues Gallery
Nigerian Painter, Victor Ekpuk
Lisa Adams - Painter And Public Artist
Parisian Artist, Tania Mouraud
Goddy Leye, Visual And Video Artist
Artist Bronia Iwanczak
Artist Mark Verabioff
Robbie Conal Political Posters
Fiona Fell Australian Ceramic Artist
Bryce Ritchie Australian Painter And Installation Artist
Miwa Yanagi Japanese Photographer | 18th Street Arts Center
Tempestant French Performance Troupe
Kieran Kinney Australian Painter
Jonathan Nichols Australian Contemporary Figurative Painter
Colin McGookin Mixed Media Artist
Annette Douglas Australian Mixed Media Artist
Gail Hastings Sculptor
Pierre Cavalan Ornate Silver Jewelry
Bonita Ely Australian Printmaker
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