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Net [ ] Work | November 13, 2016

24 Hours of Contemporary Video

**If you are having trouble with the stream, please check your internet connection and try refreshing your browser. Here are some additional trouble-shooting tips.**

Net [ ] Work is a 24-hour online exhibition of contemporary video art by international artists from within and beyond our community of residents. This 24-hour video art marathon will be live-streamed around the world from 12am PT until 11:59pm PT November 13, 2016, from 18th Street’s campus in Santa Monica, California, to commemorate the end of our month-long #WeTheArtists crowdfunding effort.

We have three days days left in our crowdfunding campaign. If you are enjoying this online exhibition, please donate a few bucks now – whatever it is worth to you – and help us reach our goal!

About the Artists

Because of the international scope of our community, 18th Street is experimenting with ways to program direct artistic experiences for remote participants through our social media networks. In that spirit, we have invited 21 international artists to participate in Net [ ] Work, playing on a term that has come to be synonymous with contemporary society, and with the systems that enable its reach. To network, or to build a network, is to bring people together, and that is our intention with this program. For 24 hours, we will exhibit works on video from contemporary artists representing a broad range of countries around the globe. The program will be structured so that viewers can tune in at any time throughout the 24 period, from anywhere, irrespective of time zone or how long they watch. Each time a viewer tunes in, she will likely encounter a different artwork. At the end of the 24-hour exhibition, the works will be taken offline.

Participating artists in Net [ ] Work include:

Yukako Ando
Arianna Borgeson
Rick Buckley
Danielle Dean
Desirée Holman
Alexandra Hopf
Mella Jaarsma
Thomas James
Kate Johnson
Jessica Kairé
Kasmalieva & Djumaliev
Betty Marín
Jillian McDonald
Julie Orser
Lydia Ourahmane
Molly Soda
Vertical Blanking (Michael J. Masucci and Kim McKillip)
Yujun Ye
0rphan Drift (Ranu Mukherjee and Mer Maggie Roberts)

This exhibition is organized by Artistic Director Anuradha Vikram and Adjunct Curator Alex Camille White, with support from Project Coordinator Jeny Amaya and Program Intern Mackenzie Brown.

Thank you to all the artists who have generously contributed to this event. In appreciation and honor of their work, please consider making a donation of your choosing to our #WeTheArtists crowdfunding campaign and help support 18th Street in bringing incredible new talent to LA each year, and fostering the excellent talents right here at home. We’ll support 50+ artists in making new work next year. Together, we can change the world, one artist at a time. Visit to learn more or back our campaign.

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