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Mithu Sen’s UNhome in City IF Angels

This Friday, June 23rd, we’re thrilled to present an event by #visiting #artist Mithu Sen, who hails from #India.

Please join us for UNhome in City IF Angels at 7pm in #Hollywood.

This event begins now: An encounter with a collaborator, #Socialmedia.

#UNhome seeks to complicate and complement the #Liminal spaces of our lives. It calls into question the manners of #Psychogeography in which the future is pre-organized, always — already predicted, pre-assumed, and pre-coded for us. UNhome hosts the Un-human angels of organizational mechanisms to nourish the audience, to inhabit their everyday, rather than become an isolated, artistic moment. This shall be a happening of #Bicameralism #Unknowability.

The location will be revealed over time.

To begin the journey to UNhome, follow us on Facebook, Instagram @mithusen26seriouslyofficial and acquire tickets or free tickets on Eventbrite.

See you there in Mithu’s mythical debut Hollywood launching!


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