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Malachi Whitson Something With Soul
Saturday, March 25 at 6 PM PT

Whitson 02

Malachi Whitson 

Spencer Geer_Headgrab

Spencer Geer

David Michael Otis_Headgrab

David Michael Otis

Marlon Spears_Headgrab

Marlon Spencer

Mikaela Elson_Headgrab

Mikaela Elson

Morgan Verrett_Headshot

Morgan Verrett


Something With Soul is the BrainChild collective assembled and led by artist, composer, and educator Malachi Whitson. This mellifluous newly formed ensemble delivers a harmonious, hybrid sound that idiosyncratically merges Jazz, Funk, and Rock genres. The quintet consisting of Drums (Malachi Whitson), Bass (Marlon Spencer), Saxophone (David Michael Otis), Guitar (Spencer Geer), and Voice (Mikaela Elson and Morgan Verrett) expresses songs of peace, adversity, and the trials of experiencing and evolving in this world, as encountered across intersections of difference.

Malachi Whitson is a Los Angeles-based artist, composer, and educator—and 2022-2023 Make Jazz Fellow at the 18th Street Arts Center. Having received prestigious awards for his musicianship from the Stanford Jazz Workshop, San Jose Jazz Workshop, and Folsom Jazz Festival, Whitson attained a Master of Fine Arts degree from the California Institute of the Arts and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Brubeck Institute at the University of the Pacific.

Sponsored by the Herb Alpert Foundation and Sam Francis Foundation to honor and support jazz artists, 18th Street Arts Center annually hosts its Make Jazz Fellowship, awarded to a jazz composer for a three-month, fully funded residency. This opportunity elevates an individual jazz artist to experiment or complete a body of original compositions. The Make Jazz Fellow lives and works—for three months—among artists in sunny Santa Monica, California. The award supports the artist by providing a monthly stipend, a furnished live-in studio, and opportunities to inspire Jazz students in partnership with Los Angeles-area colleges and universities.

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The World Stage is an educational and performance art space in Leimert Park Village, the heart of Los Angeles' African American cultural community. It was founded in 1989 by the late world-renowned master jazz drummer Bily Higgins and poet and community activist Kamau Daáood—in an attempt to fill a cultural void in the L.A. community. Initially formed as a loose collective of artists and arts supporters, The World Stage has grown to assume a pioneering and pivotal role in South L.A.'s music and art landscape. The Stage's mission is to secure, preserve and advance the position of African American music, literature and works in the oral tradition to a local, national, and international audience.

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