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mehar7Join us on Saturday, June 29 at 6 pm for the screening of (IN)VISIBLE CITIES #1, the first episode of an independent documentary by 18th Street Arts Center visiting artists in residence Gianpaolo Bucci and Beatrice Ngalula Kabutakapua. The project follows the lives of African migrants around the world, giving a voice to those who have found a “home” within Sub-Saharan African communities outside of the African continent. By subverting filmmaking and journalism laws, Bucci and Kabutakapua access stories about the migrants’ journeys, settlements and cultures.

(IN)VISIBLE CITIES is rooted in extensive research across twelve international cities: Brisbane, Brussels, Cardiff, Cape Town, Istanbul, Los Angeles, Naples, Oslo, Quibdò, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tel Aviv and Tokyo. Each city will be the focus of an episode that will be sited on an interactive website.

In this first episode Bucci and Kabutakapua meet Somali and Sudanese migrants living in Butetown, a community in the city of Cardiff in the United Kingdom. Butetown is considered the oldest and largest Somali community in the United Kingdom and has become a multicultural hub in Cardiff.

As a series, (IN)VISIBLE CITIES aims to become an educational tool to facilitate social inclusion and promote cultural diversity.

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