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Gallery/Event Rental Frequently Asked Questions regarding our two sites at 18th Street and the Santa Monica Airport:

1. May I rent your galleries for a special event?

Sorry, we don’t rent out our galleries for events, even for great causes! Our galleries are programmed with exhibitions up to 2 years in advance and so it’s not possible to fit event rentals into the schedule. We recommend you reach out to the fantastic Museum of Flying just down the street from our Airport Campus, or contact the City of Santa Monica, who may be able to give you more information on event rental spaces in our lovely city.

2. I’m an artist, can I rent one of your galleries or the hallways in the hangar to show my work?

Sorry, 18th Street Arts Center curates, programs, and funds the exhibitions presented in these spaces up to 2 years in advance.

3. May I propose an exhibition or public program for 18th Street Arts Center?

Perhaps! If you are a local organization, curator, cultural producer, or community group with a great idea and are interested in partnering with 18th Street on shared cultural goals that will benefit the Santa Monica community and residents – we would happy to discuss further with you. Keep in mind that our timeline for planning a project with a partner generally takes 18+ months.  For questions, email us at

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