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Luciana Abait | Escape-Route

Escape – Route by Luciana Abait is a narrative installation of sculpture, photography and video that positions the viewer as a spectator on a road trip through the American West. An enormous sculptural map calls attention to the physicality and interconnectedness of our world.

Workshops + Tours: Rinsing the Bones + Unfolded Narratives | Related to Rinsing the Bones

18th Street Arts Center (Airport Campus) 3026 Airport Avenue, Santa Monica

Happening once monthly at 18th Street Arts Center's Propeller Gallery, artist Jenny Yurshansky will host two simultaneous workshops related to her solo exhibition Rinsing the Bones. Participants will work with the artist to explore how our migration stories offer us paths for understanding our own histories, places of origin, and how that impacts our sense of belonging and identity.

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