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18th Street Arts Center is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by Brooklyn-based, Taiwan-born artist Jennifer Chia-ling Ho (何珈寧), on view in the Atrium Gallery at 1639 18th Street, Santa Monica (Blue Building) from August 16 – September 24. Ho’s practice explores the power and limitation of language, presentation, and research methodology, along with the ways in which they alter the maker-viewer relationship. Her work responds to her experience of geographical and cultural displacement as she integrates into US society and encounters the textual history built in the Western context. While in residence at 18th Street, Ho will consider how identity is discussed through language. 

Gallery hours are Monday – Friday from 11 AM – 5 PM at 1639 18th Street. Masks are required.
The exhibition is in the Blue Building (1629), but please check in at the office in the Green Building (1639) to gain access to the Atrium Gallery.

Reservations are strongly encouraged as we only have one staff member available on site at all times. Please reserve a time slot here: https://jenniferchialingho.eventbrite.com

Living in the US for the past three years, Ho has been constantly reminded of her identity as a Taiwanese, a foreigner, and a nonnative because of her inability to speak ‘perfect’ English and her ‘foreign’ accent. ‘How are you?’ is one of the first sentences taught to non-English speakers. However, in a racially conscious society, the production and pronunciation of this sentence weighs much more heavily than the meaning of this casual greeting. 

This exhibition features Ho’s new work created at 18th Street: Check the Box, an installation of five sculptures — representing i, u, y, ə, and a, the five vowel-like sounds used in Mandarin Chinese. This exhibition explores the sense of belonging, nationality, and the complex and sometimes conflicted experience of immigrants.

As part of Jennifer Chia-ling Ho’s exhibition How are you?, artists Jennifer Chia-ling Ho and Tzu-Huan Lin will share their production concepts and processes of their collaborative video work, A Dialogue Practice, using found footage that reflects their experiences on communication and language learning. Artist Dan S. Wang, who extensively uses language in his work, and Siru Wen, who intentionally avoids using language in her work, will also join the conversation. This screening and conversation will premiere online on September 10, 2021. Learn more and tune in here. 


Jennifer Chia-ling Ho (何 珈寧), artista taiwanesa que vive y trabaja en Brooklyn, explora el poder y la limitación del lenguaje, la presentación y la metodología de investigación. Su trabajo responde a su experiencia de desplazamiento geográfico y cultural al tiempo que se integra en la sociedad estadounidense y se encuentra con la historia textual construida en el contexto occidental. Durante su estadía en 18th Street, Ho consideró cómo se discute la identidad a través del lenguaje.

La artista ha vivido en Estados Unidos durante los últimos tres años y ha sido una constante el hecho de lidiar con su identidad como taiwanesa, extranjera y no nativa debido a su incapacidad para hablar un inglés “perfecto” y su acento “extranjero”. ‘¿Cómo estás?’ es una de las primeras frases que se enseña a personas que no hablan inglés. Sin embargo, en una sociedad con conciencia racial, la producción y pronunciación de esta oración pesa mucho más que el significado de este saludo informal.

Esta exposición presenta el nuevo trabajo que Ho ha creado en 18th Street: Check the Box (Revisa la caja), es una instalación de cinco esculturas que representan la i, u, y, ə y a, es decir, los cinco sonidos vocales utilizados en Chino Mandarín. Esta exposición explora el sentido de pertenencia, la nacionalidad y la experiencia compleja y en ocasiones conflictiva de los inmigrantes.


台灣藝術家何珈寧將在洛杉磯18街藝術中心Olympic園區的Atrium Gallery推出個展「你好」(How are You?),以語言為切入點探討自我認同,反思歸屬感、國籍認同以及亞裔移民在美國種族議題中,複雜與時而矛盾的感受。展期為2021年8月16日至9月24日,歡迎前往參觀,預約網址如下:https://www.eventbrite.com/e/jennifer-chia-ling-ho-how-are-you-tickets-166083749967。

在台灣文化部與駐洛杉磯台北經濟文化辦事處臺灣書院的支持下,何珈寧獲選至18街藝術中心駐村3個月,現推出創作個展,主題源自她在美居住期間無法說出「標準」的英語,又帶著淡淡台灣口音,語言時時提醒她的外國人與台灣人身分。「How are You?」通常是學習英文的第一句話,然而在種族意識強烈的社會,一句簡單的問候卻能因說者的發音表露更深的意義。展覽將展出駐村期間創作的裝置藝術新作《劃記須塗滿方格但不超出格外》(Check the Box),以5個石膏雕塑分別代表中文發音使用的五個母音,結合鐵絲網和檔案櫃等複合媒材;另一件展品《巢》(Nest)則為延伸過去作品《此岸彼岸》(Here and There)、《上架》(On Display) 及《極近極遠》(In Proximity)的全新裝置藝術作品。更多關於本展覽資訊請詳:https://18thstreet.org/event/jennifer-chia-ling-ho-how-are-you/。

該中心將於9月10日推出藝術家對談《請跟我這樣說》(Repeat After Me),對談將首映由何珈寧與台灣旅美藝術家林子桓共同創作之錄像作品《對話練習》(A Dialogue Practice) 並邀請二位洛杉磯當地藝術家Dan S. Wang、Siru Wen共同探討語言學習的經驗。對談影片將於該中心官方Vimeo頻道https://vimeo.com/18thstreetarts播放,歡迎踴躍觀賞。


Jennifer Chia-ling Ho (何珈寧) is a Taiwanese artist based in Brooklyn, New York who uses sculpture, installation, and photography to explore the power and limitation of language, presentation, and research methodology, and how they alter the maker-viewer relationship. Born in Taiwan and now a resident of the US, she responds to this linguistic and cultural displacement, and interrogates the textual history that is based in the Western context. Ho’s work reveals the invisible systems that have mediated the way we think, act, or look at the world and asks how we can reconstruct and decentralize our cultural spaces to include those who have been overlooked.

Ho received her MFA in Sculpture from Pratt Institute, New York. In 2019, She co-founded We Narrate Us, a curatorial collective that aims to develop expanded methods of discussing the complexities of Asian identity. Ho is the recipient of the National Culture and Arts Foundation of Taiwan-International Exchange fellowship, Pratt MFA merit award, Graduate Student Education Fund, and Stutzman Family Foundation Fellowship. Her work has been shown in Super Dutchess Gallery, Deanna Evans Projects, and Inna Art Space in New York and Songshan Cultural and Creative Park and Onfoto Studio in Taipei, Taiwan.


This exhibition and residency is generously supported by Taiwan Academy, Los Angeles, and the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan.


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