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Elephant in the Womb: Who’s Governing Women’s Health?

Real Talk: The Great Debate Series
April 5, 2017 | 6:30 PM
18th Street Arts Center | Main Gallery
Co-sponsored by LMU’s Department of English
and The Truth About the Fact

Cohering with Habermas’ understanding of the salon as a public sphere cornerstone, The Truth About The Fact’s public salon series REAL TALK: The Great Debate Series is committed to publicly interrogating the pressing issues
of this present historical moment. Grounded in passionate, but respectful, debate between two powerful interlocutors, Elephant in the Womb: Who’s Governing Women’s Health? will explore whether or not the government should financially support organizations, which specifically cater to women’s health needs, including family planning and reproductive services. In the salon tradition, the event will also feature live poetry and turntablist performances— with ample food and drinks. Free.

Nick Hankoff, the Republican Liberty Caucus of California
Jia Talley, the LMU Debate Team

Moderator: Sumari Barnes, International Editor, The Truth About The Fact

Poet: Nikki Blak

Music: DJ Q

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