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Eamon Ore-Giron: Surfing the ‘Latin American Cultural Reverb’

Road to Inca Ruins, Los Shapis / Ramones 42" x 42"acrylic screen print on canvas, 2010.
Road to Inca Ruins, Los Shapis / Ramones 42″ x 42″acrylic screen print on canvas, 2010.


By Pilar Tompkins Rivas

“Since the times of the Spanish Conquest, death and sadness have been common themes in this region, and nothing reflects this more than the melancholic rhythm of la guitarra Ayacuchana, a guitar style so unique that it is rarely heard in other parts of Peru, much less outside of the country.”

So states DJ Lengua in the blog Super Sonido, a website whose posts focus on “The Latin American Cultural Reverb” that we feel here in the United States. Cumbia, Latin funk and Soul, boleros/baladas and garage rock en Español are all categories covered on this corner of the Internet. It is through this entry point of popular Latin American musical genres filtered through California cool that DJ Lengua, also known as L.A.-based contemporary artistEamon Ore-Giron, transports us into an ebb and flow of poignant convergences between folk and formal genres of music and art in the Americas.

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