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Through artist residencies, exhibitions, publications, and public events, 18th Street Art Center has served over ten thousand American artists in the development of new work and hosted more than 600 international artists-in-residence from 61 countries since we were founded. Our current exhibition Re-Homing Instincts, curated by our very own Director of Artist Residencies Frida Cano, explores the lives and experiences of a group of contemporary immigrant and first-generation women artists who have strong roots in LA. The exhibition addresses how they traditionally heal their bodies by eating the geosphere itself, the emotional scars that are left after leaving one’s land of origin (Diaspora), and the mode in which immigrants find a new home when connecting with new people in these new places. Exhibitions like this are made possible through your support!

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18th Street Arts Center c/o Jan Williamson at 1639 18th Street, Santa Monica, CA, 90404.


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