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Dana Yahalomi: Art, Politics, and Affairs of the State


Also Thus! Tel Aviv Museum, Israel 2011. | Photo: Kfir Bolotin.
Also Thus! Tel Aviv Museum, Israel 2011. | Photo: Kfir Bolotin.


By Yael Lipschutz

Public Movement is a Tel Aviv-based ‘performative research body’ that aims to use the infrastructure of the art world to create social impact and new politicized civic bodies. Through large-scale performances in the public realm that respond to site-specific histories and politics they build alternative frameworks for considering communal identities – national, religious and cultural – thereby provoking the public to re-examine the distribution of power by the state. Ranging in focus from the orchestration of national days of mourning in Israel to the conflict around Islam in Europe, Public Movement has initiated projects around the world at the New Museum, Performa 11, Van Abbemuseum, the Israeli Center for Digital Art and most recently, at the Fourth Asian Art Biennial in Taipei, Taiwan.

18th Street’s Curator-in-Residence Yael Lipschutz sat down with Public Movement’s leader, Dana Yahalomi, currently at 18th Street as an artist-in-resident, and discussed their history and ongoing political interventions.

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