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Cultural Cross-Pollination: Project Flower

"The Match," still from video.
“The Match,” still from video.


By Pilar Tompkins Rivas

Project Flower is a collaboration between Los Angeles-based artists Shagha Ariannia (from Tehran, Iran) and Meital Yaniv (from Tel-Aviv, Israel). The collective’s work looks at cultural registers, historical moments, and the space between rumor and fact circulating between Iran, Israel, and the United States. Working in a variety of media, Project Flower traces the historical narrative between these nation-states as a departure point for contemporary artworks that seek to establish an expanded dialog in the lacuna of interpersonal and artistic communication between their respective communities.

Artbound recently caught up with the duo — they like to answer questions collaboratively — who provided insights into how Los Angeles informs their work and the shared history between Iran and Israel.

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