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Context Clayton Campbell

Context Clayton Campbell, Photo-Based Artwork 1970-2010

by Clayton Campbell

Context Clayton Campbell is an introduction to the 40- year career of artist Clayton Campbell. Exploring the evolution of his photo-based works from 1970 to present, Context Clayton Campbell begins with the artist’s earliest works in New York. His career spans his resistance to the Viet Nam war, the 1980’s Pictures Generation, the 1990’s Los Angeles social activist community, and the current era of experimental digital photography. Containing a unique personal narrative by the artist, Context Clayton Campbell links his personal history to significant moments in the development of his approach to photo based media. Included is commentary by curators Robert Sain and Ciara Ennis.Clayton Campbell is the Artistic Director of 18th Street Arts Center whose work has been recently exhibited at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris; the Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Nam June Paik Art Center, Korea; WYSPA Institute of Art, Gdansk; and the Aaran Gallery, Tehran, Iran.

36 color pages, 11 x 13”, hardbound

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