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Champagne Social

2015 Spring Champagne Social, guest in Yvette Gellis' studio, photo by Carla Sendino
2015 Spring Champagne Social, guest in Yvette Gellis’ studio, photo by Carla Sendino

Whole Foods presents:
2015 Summer Champagne Social
July 19, 11AM-3PM

Join us at 18th Street Arts Center for guided studio tours and champagne! Our Champagne Socials happen twice a year and are an afternoon campus-wide open studio. Come for a meet and greet with cheerful libations. Enjoy access to new works in progress and intimate discussions with the artists.

18th Street Arts Center’s residency programs help build and strengthen the creative community by working with local, national and international artists and curators. There are five types of residencies, including local organizations in residence, where arts organizations have their offices and activities on our campus; local artists in residence, where LA-based artist occupy either live/work or day work studios for 1 year or more; a visiting artist program that hosts international and national artists and curators from between 1 to 3 months; a curator in residence, who has studio space for one calendar year to conduct research and foster community engagement through ancillary programs, such as symposia, lectures, and artist talks; and the Artist Lab Residency program, structured as both a residency and an exhibition for an LA-based artist in our Main Gallery.

For the 2015 Summer Champagne Social, some participating artists include Guggenheim Fellow David McDonald, former CAMAC resident Yvette Gellis, the pioneering and award-winning independent media art organization EZTV and international artists (slated for participation in the Getty Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA in 2017) Mapa Teatro. In total there will be fifteen open studios for tours and activities to engage with the artists.

Additionally, Taipei-based artist Chih-Chien Chen presents FLOWING in the Atrium Gallery, and LA-based artist Candice Lin hosts a workshop in the Artist Lab.


Locals artists in residence:
Clayton Campbell
Yvette Gellis
David McDonald
Cheryl Walker
Ichiro Irie

Local organizations in residence:
California Lawyers for the Arts
Continuum Movement Studio
Los Angeles Poverty Department
Highways Performance Space

Curator in Residence:
Project X

Visiting Artists in Residence:
Kaoru Hironaka (Japan)
Chih-Chien Chen (Taiwan)
MAPA Teatro (Colombia)

Artist Lab Resident:
Candice Lin

Guest collaborators:
Brian Cooper

Parking is limited. Street parking available both on Olympic and on 17th Street.

Our 2015 Summer Champagne Social is sponsored by Whole Foods and supported in part by a grant from the City of Santa Monica and the Santa Monica Arts Commission.

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