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In February of this year, we announced our California Creative Corps project and called out to artists and culture bearers to participate. We were overjoyed to receive 375 project submissions from artists working to build healthier communities across the state!

An independent panel of artists, educators, curators and cultural workers collectively reviewed these submissions and selected 14 visionary projects from each of the three state regions (Northern, Central and Southern California), resulting in a total of 42 Round One finalists.

These 42 artists and culture bearers are experienced in community and civic-based work, with practices ranging from ancestral art and ceremonies, documentary film, virtual and augmented reality, spoken word, dance, conceptual art, and community engagement. Project submissions are based in cities across the state, including Mt. Shasta, Oakland, Santa Cruz, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, San Bernardino, San Ysidro, Bakersfield, Palm Desert and Fresno.

Projects include:

  • Community engagement workshops sharing regional art-making and craft traditions and techniques, zine and comic book creation, music-making and theater
  • AI-assisted decolonization workshops
  • Art-making and art therapy for building healthier communities
  • And more

We’re delighted and honored to support this incredible pool of change-makers and community builders in their work.

Join us in congratulating our California Creative Corps Round One finalists!

Fredericko Alvarado Spring 2023

Fredericko Alvarado

Fredericko is a project based artist working through drawing, painting, mural arts, video, and curatorial practices. His work revolves around building with communities in the creations of site specific works.

Nate headshot-2023

Nathaniel Ancheta

Nathaniel Can Ancheta (Filipino-American, b 1987, Lancaster, CA) is a contemporary artist, designer, and curator, known for his large-scale outdoor installations that explore themes of identity, self, representation, and place.


Esther Kibreab aka ASTU by Pejamane


ASTU is a Black, queer and gender expansive interdisciplinary artist - vocalist, songwriter, composer, actor and film director. They are co-founder of Boyish, a community-powered and artist-led organization based in Oakland with a mission to build sustainable lifestyle pathways and safe spaces that inspire creative freedom for artists, with an emphasis on Black queer and trans artists.


Luna Bey_Headshot

Luna HighJohn-Bey

With a deep focus on the preservation of ancestral memory, Luna uses her artistic practice to build community and promote healing. She is particularly interested in using public spaces to create healing environments for marginalized communities.


Suchi Branfman Headshot

Suchi Branfman

Suchi Branfman is a choreographer, curator, performer, educator, and activist, who has worked from the war zones of Managua to Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre and Kampala’s Luzira Prison to NYC’s Joyce Theatre. From street to stage, her work strives to create an embodied terrain grounded in storytelling, dialogue, listening and action.



Miki’ala Catalfano

Miki’ala is a Native Hawaiian mother, wife, sister, aunty, who began her life in art as a child, drawing portraits of anyone who would sit for her (and often convincing them to purchase them afterward). For nearly 20 years, she has been a co-director of Native Roots Network, applying Indigenous pathways in her community organizing work to achieve a more equitable world.



Audrey Chan

Audrey Chan is a Los Angeles-based artist, illustrator, and writer. Her research-based projects use drawing, painting, public art, and video to challenge dominant historical narratives through community-based allegories of power, place, and identity.

Melina Cruz Bautista_Headshot

Melina Cruz Bautista

Melina Cruz Bautista is a 25 year old Photographer, Storyteller, Educator and a full time returning college student. Her photography work is tied to her communities in the city of LA but more importantly connected to the Zapotec communities that raised her family over in la Sierra Juarez of Oaxaca, Mexico.


Xico Xavier Garza_Headshot

Xico Xavier Garza

Mr. Garza is a culture bearer for indigenous and Two Spirit art, culture, traditional practices in California with emphasis in the Great Central Valley and southern Sierra Nevada mountains. He is a student of the lineage under Maestra Macuil Xotchitl from Sacramento Ca since 1994 and teaches basic Danza Azteca, drumming, regalia, and ceremonies to his pupils in central California since 2009.

PM_Headshot_BlocksteinEstrada 1920x1920

Reanne Estrada & Mike Blockstein
(Public Matters)


Public Matters is a Los Angeles-based creative studio for civic engagement that uses socially engaged art to leverage greater inclusion, public participation, and transformative change. It embeds conspiratorial joy in projects that have addressed traffic safety, healthy food access, gentrification and displacement, and immigrant stories.

1679433487211_Michelle Glass portrait in landscape

Michelle Glass

Michelle Glass is a Public Art and Social Practice artist that works alongside BIPOC communities to reclaim our ancestral histories and deepen our connections between the land and each other.

Heather Gray_Headshot

Heather Gray

Heather Gray is a multifaceted artist, sound designer, recordist, musician and performer, based in Los Angeles. The motivation behind her diverse creative life has been transforming modern systems of relationality, healing and belonging through personal and collective practice.

Screen Shot 2023-03-24 at 10.01.17 AM

Catherine Herrera

Catherine Herrera creates impactful art that inspires dialogue and action by sharing unique stories with broad audiences. Coastal climate change is the focus of Catherine's current public art and documentary project Martins Beach, highlighting today's collaborative California Native Coastal Stewardship programs inspiring hope for mitigation and renewal.

Leelee Jackson Headshot

Leelee Jackson

Leelee Jackson (she/her/Leelee) is a playwright that work centers postmodern narratives of Black queer womxnhood. For the past three years, Jackson has committed to building community amongst Black artists with Black Light Arts Collective (BLAC), a nonprofit she founded and currently serves as artistic director. Jackson is a Bay Area native and a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) graduate holding a degree in Creative Writing and Writing For the Performing Arts from the University of California, Riverside (UCR). 



Ann Kaneko

Ann Kaneko is known for her personal films that weave her intimate aesthetic with the complex intricacies of political reality. An Emmy Award winner, her poetic feature, MANZANAR, DIVERTED: WHEN WATER BECOMES DUST, premiered at the 2021 Big Sky Film Festival and broadcast on PBS POV’s 2022 line up.

Kellum_Duan_headshot_CA Creative Corps

Duan Kellum

​​Born in Trenton New Jersey, Duan Kellum is an educator, artist and activist. Kellum’s predominate mediums are screen- printing and stenciling. The primary focus of his works consist of social, environmental and political themes.

Arnaud Loubayi_Headshot

Arnaud Loubayi

Arnaud Loubayi is from Brazzaville, Congo, where he started his artistic career at the age of 10. He took part in various courses and training in modern and contemporary dance and has toured with many companies as a solo artist, including the National Ballet of Congo. In 2006 He joined the traditional group Ngoma Za Kongo as a choreographer and toured in many places in Africa, Asia, and America.

Kwong headshot ii

Dan Kwong

Dan Kwong is an award-winning performance artist, playwright, director and video producer who has presented his work nationally and internationally since 1989. He has facilitated workshops, directed numerous
performances, directed & edited environmental music videos, and performed throughout
much of the U.S. with their touring productions.


Marissa Magdalena Sykes_Headshot

Marissa Magdalena Sykes

Marissa Magdalena Sykes is an interstitial conceptual artist. Her artwork straddles mediums as object, image, live performance, and story. Marissa frequently builds conditions wherein viewers become participants, simultaneously causing them to reconsider the norms of social and physical space.

Janine Mapurunga_Headshot

Janine Mapurunga

"As a documentary photographer, I look for moments that are un-mistakenly human, those universal emotions we can all relate with. I observe life unfolding and use the camera to capture that which is easily felt but difficult to portray: the aliveness of the human spirit."


Faith J Photo by Andrew Calisterio

Faith J. McKinnie

Faith J. McKinnie is a Black feminist curator & writer practicing on the ancestral land of the Nisenan. Her curatorial practice is rooted in prioritizing artists who find their work outside the traditional art historical canon.

Leo Mercer_Headshot

Leo Mercer

Leo Mercer is one of the more unique artistic evolutions born and raised in Oakland Ca. Initially coming up as a poet according to his communities. He has rubbed elbows with plenty of celebrities, artists and community organizers, and has the drive to rub elbows with many more.

Brenda Self Portrait 2021

Brenda Montaño

Brenda Montaño is a Xicana Indigena born and raised in California. She is a traditional birth worker and artist rooted in tradition and DIY culture, grounded by Reproductive Justice, Indigenous wisdom and grassroots organizing.

Lan Ngô and Hải Võ_ Headshot

Lan Ngô and Hải Võ

Lan Ngô is a Bay Area leader who guides earth-based healing practices through ancestral gardening.

Hải was raised by parents from two delta villages in southern Việt Nam - Mỹ Tho and Chợ Gạo (Tiền Giang). Hải identifies as a queer 2nd generation Việt Southeast Asian cook, seed saver, cultural artist, writer, and community organizer of the diaspora and is passionate about ancestral foodways, decolonization, and homeland connections. 


Rashaad Newsome pic 2

Rashaad Newsome

Rashaad Newsome’s work blends several practices, including collage, assemblage, sculpture, film, video, animation, photography, music, computer programming, software engineering, community organizing, and performance, to create a divergent field that rejects classification.

yétúndé olágbajú headshot 3

yétúndé olágbajú (in flux)

yétúndé olágbajú (they/them) is an artist, educator, and residency director based in Los Angeles, CA. They utilize video, sculpture, photography, and performance as through-lines for inquiries regarding Black labor, legacy, memory, and processes of healing. Along with Meghna Mahadevan, they are a co-founder of in flux — a group that creates containers for pause, reflection and ideation for artists, collective builders, thought-leaders, and organizers.


Christina Olague_Headshot

Christina Charlene Quintana Olague

Christina Charlene Quintana Olague is a poet, activist, and organizer born and raised in the Central Valley, Yokuts Land. Over the past ten years, they've performed in local, regional, and international poetry slam competitions.

Mark Oliver Headshot

Mark Oliver

Mark Oliver is an award-winning artist and filmmaker. His projects reference aspects of cultural experience or history as they shift between Documentary, Narrative, and Experimental. He has received numerous residencies, grants, and awards for his films, theater and art. Mark produced and directed over 7 films while living in the Mount Shasta, Northern California area since 2000.

Maura Pellettieri_Headshot

Maura Pellettieri

Maura Pellettieri is a writer and artist, creating at intersections of ecofuturism, queerness, and the personhood of land. She examines questions of intimacy among humans and their ecologies through poetry, fiction, hybrid text, art writing, video, performance, ritual, and sound.

DavidPena-Portrait Shot

David Peña

David Peña is a multidisciplinary artist and cultural organizer from the border region between Tijuana and San Diego. He is co-founder of Tijuana Zine Fest, a large-scale festival which celebrates self-publishing and independent art.

Cecilia Peña-Govea_Headshot_CAC

Cecilia Cassandra Peña-Govea

La Doña, born Cecilia Cassandra Peña-Govea in San Francisco, California, is a solo reggaeton singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. La Doña combines her deep roots in Latin folk traditions like corridos and rumba with the propulsive modern sounds of reggaeton, cumbia, and hip hop.

Nicole Rademacher-headshot

Nicole Rademacher

Artist, art therapist, and transcultural adoptee Nicole Rademacher (she/her) considers her adoption and reunion (with her biological family) as the point of departure in her art practice where she explores concepts of intimacy, identity, and belonging through visual and community engagement works. 


Alicia Rojas

Alicia Rojas (1976) is a Colombian-born artist, living in Orange County, CA. She participates in movements of immigrant rights, anti-gentrification, social economic equity and ecology.

Salvador Muralist Josue Rojas photographed in front of his mural in the Mission District of San Francisco on Sunday, February 21, 2021.

Josué Rojas

Josué Rojas is a SF raised and bred artist with over two decades of experience in
fine arts, muralism, community arts, and arts leadership in the SF Bay Area and beyond. His work and vision have been characterized by a commitment to California’s cherished values of community arts, civic engagement, social justice and empowerment for migrant communities and marginalized communities at large.


Nyingv Jae Saechao

Nyingv Jae Saechao is a Khmu + Iu Mien artist, storyteller, community educator and culture worker. As an intergenerational bridge-builder, artist-apprentice to the ancestors and a word-weaver of divine, diasporic wisdom, Jae’s art/work centers around belonging, culture-keeping + culture-shaping, ancestral healing, and community liberation with emphasis on fat, queer, Indigenous Southeast Asian femme and gender-expansive issues.

Romus Simpon headshot

Romus Simpson

Romus Simpson has been published in Callaloo, Stanford University Black Arts Quarterly, Air/Light Magazine, University of Southern California Anthology, and Voices From Leimert Park. Simpson’s poems were featured by the Los Angeles county Library System and displayed at the Compton and Manhattan Beach Libraries respectively in 2022.


Elizabeth Spavento

Elizabeth Spavento is curator and artist living in Bakersfield, CA. Together with Jared Haug and Meg Hahn, she started the curatorial collective, Border Patrol which examines the relationship between contemporary art and corporate aesthetics. Border Patrol has staged exhibitions and events in a former dentist's office, burrito shop, shopping mall, and cemetery.


Shinpei Takeda

Shinpei Takeda is a visual artist working in a wide array of mediums including installations, film, text, public projects in order to shift perceived history by materializing forgotten personal memories. 


Nur Yavuz

Nur Yavuz, a transdisciplinary artist with a passion for architecture, arts, healing, and cross-cultural interaction. With a diverse background spanning Turkey, Greece, NY, and the Bay Area, Nur brings a unique perspective to her work.


Jenny Yurshansky

Jenny Yurshansky’s practice is deeply informed by being a refugee, born stateless to parents fleeing from Soviet-era Moldova. Through a research-based approach, she explores the trauma of displacement, interrogating notions of belonging and otherness within the frames of landscape, historical documents, and social constructs.

Ethel and Carlo Zafranco_Headshot

Ethel and Carlo Zafranco

Ethel and Carlo Zafranco are multimedia visual artists and art educators collaborating as a muralist duo under the alias of AQMNI (Aquarius + Gemini). Ethel is first-generation Mexican-American and received her BA from Loyola Marymount University and has worked 10+ years as a corporate creative professional providing her photography and cinematography services. Carlo is first-generation Filipino-American and is an art director and animator that's worked with companies like Disney, Marvel & Hulu. 


Jayna Zweiman

Jayna Zweiman is an architecturally-trained multidisciplinary designer and social entrepreneur. Her independent practice combines architecture, art, craft and new media to focus on experiences that overlap physical, virtual and conceptual spaces. Her work is about civic intimacy, accessibility, and joy.

California Creative Corps is a pilot program funded by the California Arts Council as an engagement campaign designed to increase public awareness about issues of public health, water and energy conservation, civic engagement, social justice, and more. This activity is funded by the California Arts Council, a state agency.

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