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Zhi-Jin Tsai
July 3 – September 29, 2017

Everything started with writing, I suppose…
”At ten, I wrote poems according to classical Chinese rules of poetry – under my parents’ influence -without knowing or having learned what poetry really was. My first creative attempts go back to that period. The notions of rhythm and time remain essential in my present work, whether it be in film, sound, text or performance.
If, to Virginia Woolf, it seems to be easier to write a poem about one’s self rather than any other subject, the question to me is more about managing to blend factual narration with the fictional one; to revolve around the notion of a fragment, whether the fragments may be literary, made of sound, or visual.”

Tsai Zhi-jin, graduating from Marseille Art and Design school in France in 2015, has a documentary film background in Taiwan. Born in Taipei, she currently lives between Tainan (Taiwan) and Marseille (France).

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