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Zachary Aronson
Olympic Campus

Zachary Aronson uses blowtorches and flamethrowers to draw on wood with fire. He uses organic materials and primal tactics to explore relationships between man and nature. He creates larger than life faces freehand with flames, a traditionally destructive element. His portraits are exposed and vulnerable, visceral and raw. Aronson’s artistic practice is a collaboration with nature, instilling new purpose and identity by transforming wood to ash by fusing fire and earth. 

Aronson, a sixth-generation Californian, received his BFA in fine art from USC (2012) and graduate degrees from CalArts in Art and Set Design (2014, 2016). He works as an artist, producer, and set designer in Culver City and has had 9 solo gallery shows.

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Jazmyn Beauchan
Director of Communications

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