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Yvette Murrell and Michelle Phillips

Healing Artists and Culture Keepers

Yvette Murrell, Power, Voice & Choice Coach, co-founder, and Connector of the former Playback Milwaukee Theatre Company, has multifaceted, cross-sector career accomplishments in expressive arts, business, and education. Currently, she is enjoying full-bellied laughter and dreaming life sweet beyond her imagination in the Pacific Northwest woods! She revels in the distinct roles and identities of twin, mother, facilitator, artist, writer, and alchemist.

Michelle Phillips, The Liberation Strategist,’ is a mental health clinician by training and spiritual wellbeing practitioner at heart. Originally from the deep South, Michelle alchemizes grief/loss work, relational neuroscience, systems theory, and the healing wisdom from all the diasporas. To facilitate wholly embodied intergenerational healing, liberation, and transformation is why Michelle wakes up in the morning. As a former hospital chaplain, Michelle’s practice integrates commonly missing spiritual matters for more profound wellness in the community. Michelle is also a featured practitioner on the new mental health platform, Centered.

While at 18th Street, Yvette and Michelle have proposed and will focus on their project, Being, & Becoming Well: A How-To in Five Acts. This will include four quarterly gatherings entitled, A BELOVED CHORUS: Wellbeing Master Class. In these community meetings, participants are encouraged to nourish their mental and spiritual wellness, while focusing on embodied transformative culture creation, accountability and healing.

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