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Valére Chanceaulme de Sainte Croix
Past Artist In Residence

Valère Chanceaulme is a subversive interdisciplinary artist regularly censored in France. He plays with different means of expression such as painting, drawing, video, sculpture, installation, performance, happening, writing etc. He got a BT certificate as a technician in architecture from the Gustave Eiffel school of Bordeaux in France, and a DNSEP post-graduate diploma in Visual Art after having spent five consecutive years at the École des Beaux-Arts in Bordeaux, France. Reaction and dissidence against established french cultural codes and universal rules of industrialization are key elements in his works.

He was involved in several exhibitions: in Los Angeles (USA) where he also organized a group exhibition (within the context of a residency at the 18th Street Art Center Of Santa Monica), in Poland at the Gotycka Museum Of Szczecin, in France at the “FRAC Aquitaine” within the context of the whim of play (Caprice des jeux) exhibition in Bordeaux, at the Article Gallery Birmingham Institute of Art and Design in the UK, and at the Goethe Institute of Bordeaux. He was involved in other different solo and collective exhibition projects for several galleries in France and he has also carried out several happenings in different urban contexts in the USA and the UK.

More work by Valére Chanceaulme de Sainte Croix:


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