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Teta Tsybulnyk
March 2024

Teta Tsybulnyk is an artist and psychoanalyst based in Kyiv, Ukraine. She has an academic background in sociology, social anthropology and clinical psychology. Her research spans from the non-human gaze on nature to semiotics of the unconscious and dreams. She is the co-founder of ruїns collective, an art group currently consisting of herself and Elias Parvulesco. 

ruїns collective has authored a number of video works including dendro dreams (2017), zong (2019), K-Object from LL-Group (2019), Salty Oscillations (2021) and Endless Sea of Sand (2023). These films have been screened at international film festivals and art exhibitions worldwide.

Special thanks to the Manitou Fund for making residency possible.

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Press Contact
Jazmyn Beauchan
Director of Communications

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