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Terje Nicolaisen
Exhibition & Residency:
October – November 2011

Through a series of investigations Terje Nicolaisen is looking into the omni colors field of his artist identity in general and the self portrait in particular. Using an impulsive and roaming (situationist) strategy, Terje searches (intellectual) confrontation with a very many different artistic expressions and particularly that of the performative act. i.e the interaction he partly creates and partly within the social and professional sphere of the artworld where he works. The performativity is also applied to the actual studio work, in the sense that he is looking for an expression created through skilless and accidental movement on paper; occurring through typewriter, wet brushes or by writing a song. Rarely he get’s the possibility to outline any linear or consistent presentation of his work for applications. The vast amount of material (work) Terje generates through this way of working, he collects and archives to bring out for assembly on shows. For the same reasons, it’s hard to tell what exactly it is he will be doing in LA, but keep on roaming impulsively through this fantastic city. Engaging himself in it. Continuing his search Perhaps buy a car. Go to Mountain School of Arts, talk to colleagues, get involved.

Press Contact
Director of Communications & Outreach
(310) 453-3711 x104

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