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Artist In Residence

Tempestant French performance troupe

The French performance troupe Tempestant performs their pieces in non-traditional spaces, as the company’s artwork can be sometimes typified as a French existential circus act. One of their first performances, which was deemed to be a resolutely political piece, “Le Monde est une Île Mélancholique,” (The World is a Melancholy Island), was presented in 1995 at Le Théatre Antoine Vitez. Currently, their childlike piece, “Et Puis Dormir,” can be viewed in Montpelier, France, as well as an installation from their interactive DVD, “Chute! Chutes” is touring Europe this year in the group show Instants Video.  For two months in 1998, the Tempestant Company was able to take part in 18th Street’s international residency program where they were able to cultivate new ideas and creations for their engaging and dramatic performances. Their performances prove to be intriguing as many of their performers don Marceau-esqe black and white face paint, use oversized props, and choreograph contemporary scenes delightful to children and poets alike. The Tempestant Theater is based in Marseilles, France.

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