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Ted Thirlby
December 1 – 31, 2020

Ted Thirlby is a New York based artist. The complex relationship between humans and the rest of the natural world, which he believes is urgent to examine now, is the subject of his work. Thirlby believes that there are levels of communication that cannot be verbalized, so his works aim to see life in pieces of plywood in order to feel their vibration and to feel the energy of things. His current works are paintings on scavenged and destroyed pieces of plywood as an emotional response to materials that were used, or even abused, and then abandoned.

Thirlby has shown numerous times in NYC, including at OK Harris Gallery, 22 Wooster Gallery, The Alternative Museum, The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, at the Philadelphia Art Alliance, and VSOP Gallery in Greenport, New York. His work is in the collections of AT&T Longlines, the Avon Foundation, and GPG Properties. In addition to his art practice, he founded and ran a successful construction business. In 2016, he moved his studio to Southold, New York. Thirlby is currently represented by Carter Burden Gallery in New York City. Ted graduated from Macalester College (1970) with a major in Art. He studied painting at the graduate school, University of Iowa (1970-1972).

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