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Susan Zimmerman
May 2022

Susan Zimmerman grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area where she still resides. A fiber artist, she credits her long-standing affinity for textiles to the legacy of her grandparents, who were tailors and dressmakers. She explores the potential and limitations of common materials in her  work to create a sense of spaciousness and light. Much of the inspiration for her work comes from the simplicity and experimentation of the Bauhaus period and from the fine arts  disciplines, including color theory, painting, and sculpture. Her most recent work involves the use of natural dyes on linen and the transformation of the resulting fabric into painterly, dimensional structures using acrylic mediums and other media. She plans to continue this  exploration in her 18th Street Residency, working on some larger scale projects with dyed linen and incorporating other media, such as wood, wire, and paper. 

Over the past ten years, Susan’s work has been selected for a number of local, national, and  international group exhibitions, invited exhibitions and several three-person exhibitions. Her  work was recently featured in a 2021 Surface Design Association journal. In 2019 Susan was a  summer resident in the Fashion Design program at Otis College of Art and Design. She holds two masters degrees and a B.A. in English from the University of California. Before undertaking  formal art education at the community college level, where she completed 60 units of fine arts  credit classes, she was a full-time faculty member at City College of San Francisco.

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