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Stepanka Simlova
Past Artist In Residence

Stepanka Simlova

Stepanka Simlova mostly uses computers as a means of expression yet she also creates large drawings. In both the digital picture and graphic murals we see the same artistic attitude. She exposes fragments of reality which have a clear objective evidence. However, they do not fit to together,  and in the gap opened among them the basic, acute question appears. Because Stepanka is not a social critic or ideologist, the ‘question’ can neither be formulated nor answered. It has a form of a disquieting presence that asks all of us to handle the reality of the image.

Disquieting tension appears in her romantic landscapes which, content next to their beauty and poetry, also become furtive marks of wars and human powerty. It is present in her city views where the advertisements are substituted by fragments of prayers, or in portraits of ladies showing an unclear difference between human and artificial beauty.

Stepanka Simlova studied in Prague Academy of Art in years 1989 – 1996. In recent years she has been a teacher of new media art on Academy of Art in the Czech city Usti.


Press Contact
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