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Stella McGarvey 
April 2024

Stella McGarvey is an Edinburgh-born, South London-based, artist working with photography, sculpture and drawing. McGarvey’s practice centers around themes of absence, memory and ghosts. Her mediums feed into each other, creating a visual dialogue where lines blur between imagined and real, her lost chairs become familiars. They emerge like stills from strange half-memories in drawings, sculptures and in her film-photos.

The objects she captures are lonely things. Stationary objects, but always in a state of transition. The chairs are somewhere between used and unused, the marks all tell stories and echoes of their histories. They all take on an eeriness that gives them an aliveness we can relate to. As someone who struggles to feel satisfied with her communication with words, photography lets her capture images that speak to the things she cannot say. She wants people to see her observations and identify with the unspoken plea for connection.

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Director of Communications

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