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Søren Hüttel
Exhibition & Residency:
January 2 – March 14, 2016

Søren Hüttel’s installations combine neon color, various light fixtures, abstract sculptural elements, found and handmade objects, and mass-produced items in arrangements that suggest cultural, domestic and commercial interior spaces simultaneously. Their presentation implies that these objects are not intended to be interpreted as individual works so much as a matrix of things, illustrating the complex relationships between the assorted objects, light emitting elements, and the architecture of the gallery.

Søren Hüttel’s interest in eclecticism–the heterogeneous quality so often ascribed to contemporary society–as an artistic philosophy. Hüttel’s practice contrasts the stuff that surrounds us by exhibiting it all together–low, high, and in-between. Hüttel haphazardly assigns equal importance to a magenta faux fur rug, rainbows, black lights, wood laminate, and Saturn’s rings, embracing the possibility for each thing to change and impact its neighbors. Distinctions previously established to identify and separate the “cultural,” “domestic,” “commercial,” or “stylish” erode and are replaced with questions about authenticity, function, attitude, and imagination.

Sören Hüttel (b. 1976, Randers, Denmark) graduated from Funen Art Academy in Odense, Denmark and the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. Solo exhibits include A vision of perfection. An object of affection at New Shelter Plan in Copenhagen, DK, The eclectic is now at David Dale Gallery in Glasgow and Views on the eclectic as idea and the generous space as ideal at Kunsthallen Brandt Klædefabrik in Odense, DK. He has exhibited in group exhibitions at the 11th Luleå Art Biennial in Luleå, Sweden and at Stattbad in Berlin, in addition to various exhibits in Denmark, Latvia, China, Scotland, Sweden, and the US.

Sören Hüttel lives and works in Copenhagen, where he is an instructor at the VERA School for Art and Design.

Written by Matt Shelton, 2012

Past residency at 18th Street: January 2 – January 30, 2015

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Søren Hüttel’s residency in 2016 was generously funded by:

Søren Hüttel’s residency in 2015 was generously funded by:

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