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Sandy Amerio
Past Artist In Residence

Sandy Amerio | Parisian video artist

Sandy Amerio is a Parisian video artist who makes films dealing with social and economic issues. Says the artist on her website, amerio.org: “Most of my work is filmic, photographic and textual. My fields of research are wide-ranging and spring from my fascination with the signs given out by today’s society. They have to do with socio-political, economic and strategic phenomena. I constantly create aesthetic, theoretical and poetic links that reveal the deeply heterogeneous nature of our realities (documentary, fiction, re-enactment…). Resistance, disjunctions, tangles and digressions all serve a textual manipulation of reality… This is what can be seen through the magnifying and distorting filter I apply to the things of our existence and to what we commonly call the collective unconscious.” One such example is the 45-minute video entitled, Hear Me, Children- Yet- To-Be-Born (2004) which she developed during her residency at 18th Street Art Center. The film follows a man and woman in the middle of Death Valley, dressed in business attire. The film weaves together elements of the corporate storytelling world with the narrative of the creation story found in the bible. The film was co-produced by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and 18th Street Art Complex. Her latest film screening took place at the Festival de Cannes 2005. Other past works include: Surfing on (our) History (2000) situated in her family’s apartment, and Waiting Time/Romania, a collaboration with Alexis Davey both shown at the Fresnoy National Studio for Contemporary Art, in France.

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