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Rogues Gallery
Past Artist In Residence

Rogues Gallery

Rouges’ Gallery, a cruising group composed of two Japanese artists, Yasuhiko Hamaji and Yoshinaka Nakase, plays a drive performance with an automobile and audio system, as one of its purposes is to have contact with listeners. It mostly drives listeners in a car while gathering, controlling and amplifying different sounds such as the rumble of the engine, the electronic beeps of the meters, the moan of the wind and other noises generated by the car’s trip.

Their performance is constructed and directed by the artists, utilizing the actual driving route, sound effects, and the driving technique. In addition, each performance is affected by various conditions such as weather, traffic, and the atmosphere within the car. In 2000, Rouges’ Gallery had the opportunity to visit 18th Street and perform their “Gasoline, Music, & Cruising” for more than 30 passengers.

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