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Rick Buckley
September 1 – November 30, 2016

Berlin-based UK artist Rick Buckley makes artwork in film/video, sculpture, works on paper, and text, that considers the flows and blockages of the artistic process. Buckley’s investigations journey through the dark matter deep within the sub-conscious, with wanderings and lamentations that finally arrive at a moment of lucidity. His works draw on myths and fables that have long furnished humanity with a means by which to ritualize or scrutinize life experiences.  Mythology often functions as a collective, predetermined system of speculation, providing tools with which to regard character and behavior at a remove from the clouding influence of personal emotions. Buckley’s works question this predetermined system, imagining what could happen if we were to devise our own structures of belief, symbolism, and interpretation, and function as metaphysical journeys through ever-evolving worlds of signification and surrealism.

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