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Renée Azenaro 
September 2023

Renée Azenaro is a visual artist based in Southern California, whose practice includes installation, sculpture, painting, printmaking, video, photography, and mixed media.

The in-between, what lies beneath, the intangible; the focus of Azenaro’s artwork lies in these indeterminate spaces. It is where she explores the interior and exterior spaces of self, identity, and relational experiences between individuals and within larger communities. Exploration is important to her within her work as it offers moments of clarity among the most unknowable things.

Renée received her M.F.A. in Fine Art at Vermont College of Fine Arts, B.S. in Fine Arts at City University of New York, and her A.A. in Fine Arts at Kingsborough Community College, Brooklyn, New York. Her two-dimensional, sculpture, and installation work have been exhibited nationally and internationally, with selected exhibitions at the Irvine Fine Arts Center, the Brand Library and Art Center, and the Pacific Design in California. As an artist educator, in addition to teaching as a full time faculty member in higher education, Renée has developed and taught within urban art programs for senior citizens, foster children, homeless children and their families, urban housing centers, and within inter-generational art programs in underserved communities throughout New York City and California.

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