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Rebecca Setareh 
Airport Campus

Rebecca Setareh is an Iranian artist based in Southern California and Miami. Her unique and graceful integration of rock and bronze disrupts the tendency to segregate mediums. By embracing the contrast of the unrefined rock with the smooth fluid lines of the powerful bronze figures that Setareh sculpts, Setareh  creates harmony and balance. Moreover, her use of staged photographic images of driftwood capture the magnificent essence of nature and how it corresponds to her sculptures, the human body, the texture, and the rock. With each artwork, the artist captures a figurative moment in time that communicates the burden of the human condition, at times drawing from several turning points of her own life.

Setareh has exhibited internationally and nationally as well as won top tier prizes in international competitions. Setareh earned a BFA from the Institute des Beaux-Arts St. Luc in Liege, Belgium.

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