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Rasmus Røhling
January –  May, 2023

Rasmus Røhling is an artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. His video installations and sculptural works deal with tropes from the art historical canon, such as male eccentricity and male virtuosity, and how these relate to current political themes such as male anxiety and crisis.

While at 18th Street Røhling will be working on a project revolving around the concept of animated healthcare as implemented by the healthcare sector. Røhling will focus on a set of political and aesthetic questions related to the issue of representation of healthcare, accentuated through the initiative of thinking about healthcare as an animated visual entity.

In particular, Røhling will be researching the rise of so-called anxiety-reducing animations for patients within the healthcare sector and how these interface avatars, given today’s accelerated treatment processes, seek to produce a kind of soothing substitute in the absence of what used to be the caring role of the welfare state. From his research Røhling is developing a new project that considers the animated healthcare image beyond its immediate virtual, sector optimizing and patient-empowering potential, and addresses the consequences of nursing a larger social body through animated care rather than through contact with real doctors and nurses.

Røhling has exhibited at Artist Space (US), Human Resources, Los Angeles (US), Den Frie Udstillingsbygning (DK), Museum Fur Gegenwartskunst Basel (CH), Primer, (DK), Sismografo (PT), SixtyEight Art Institute, (DK) among others. Røhling holds a MFA from CalArts (2008–10) and was a visiting Professor at Funen Art Academy, DK from 2016 to 2018.

This residency is generously funded by the Danish Arts Foundation.

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Press Contact
Jazmyn Beauchan
Director of Communications & Outreach
(310) 453-3711 x104

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