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Rachel Grynberg
Airport Campus

Rachel Grynberg is an artist based in both Los Angeles and Denver whose practices include painting, sculpture, photography and installation. Concealment and revelation figure prominently in her work. What appears on the surface often veils an inner world not readily apparent, with deeper layers hinting at private aspects of self and the unconscious. She is interested in uncovering stories, peeling away the layers of time and secrecy to catch a glimpse of what lies beneath the surface literally, historically and unconsciously. She often begins her art process with writing and working with materials. The story becomes the seed from which the artwork evolves, and the history, spirit and memory are intrinsically woven into the fibers and materials adding meaning, information and depth as well as camouflage to what lies beneath.

Grynberg has exhibited in various museums and galleries in both the United States and Italy since 1995. To name a few, her works were shown in MAAAC Archeological and Contemporary Art Museum (2018) and Linux Club (2007) in Italy, Arena One Gallery (2016), USC Art Gallery (2006)L and Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust (2003) in California, Sandy Carson Gallery (2000) in Colorado and Main Gallery at Rhode Island School of Design (1999) in Rhode Island. Grynberg received her MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (1991) and an AA in Art & Architecture from Santa Monica College of Design in Los Angeles (2000).

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