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Po-Hao Chi
July-September 2022

Po-Hao Chi is an interdisciplinary practitioner who works at the fusion of art, music, and technology. His practice predominantly involves cybernetics, sonic agency, self-organization, and connectivity, which stemmed from the fascination with boundaries and guidelines to associate diversities in everyday life, ranging from conceptual to virtual art, software to hardware, performance to installation. His recent research aims to raise awareness of “internetworked” systems by turning daily usages of technology into performative gestures, exploring collaborative capacities between humans and artifacts with the evolving connectivity.

Chi graduated from the Art, Culture, and Technology program at MIT and received his MMus from Goldsmiths, University of London, and a B.A. in Economics from National Taiwan University. In recent years, with his studio Zone Sound Creative as a platform, he has gradually developed international collaboration networks with various institutes and artists, presented projects including 3,000 Years of among microbes (2022) in cooperation with MIT Media Labs and Plastic Soup – Invisible Matters (2021) worked with Latin American artists, exploring a new vision of interweaving art and technology.

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