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Per Hüttner
Past Artist In Residence

Per Hüttner

The Swedish born Per Hüttner is known for his photographic work, drawings on paper and video installations. Past artistic practices are project and/or process based in that he exercises different fitness activities (jogging, stretching, working out, etc.) in varying situations, which he then photographs and/or films. The videos are short loops that are often projected, as well as he often relates to the history of painting while producing these videos. The subject matter of his videos often deals with questions relating to the human body, media and ageing. In contrary, his photographs are much more documentary as he wishes to challenge the notions of authenticity and the language of representations in photography and its history. In 2002, Hüttner received a grant from the International Artist Studio Program in Sweden to fund his residency at 18th Street Arts Center. While at 18th Street, he allowed the contemporary culture of Los Angeles as well as the artistic approach that many local artists take, to influence and develop his work.

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