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Paul Harryn
Exhibition & Residency:
June 7-30, 2016

Paul Harryn is an artist (painter), Musician, and Author based in Easton, Pennsylvania. His work is informed by the natural setting of his studio and he considers nature to be the driving force behind his work.  His paintings, stemming from this dual interest in the forces of nature and abstraction, have strong gestural and textural qualities, intricate layering (with the strongest elements of each layer coming through into the final work), and an evocative sense of color and light that aim to distill something essential from the natural world. Some of Harryn’s work uses image processing technologies to create layered photographic environments and drawing that are dynamic abstract compositions that allude to composite landscapes.

Having lived in Venice, CA previously for several years, his annual residencies at 18th street are designed to develop work inspired by the indigenous nature in Southern California. For his 2010 residency at 18th Street, his objective was to begin a series of paintings that re-defined the notion of landscape in contemporary painting titled Spirit of Place. These works were produced in the ocean at Zuma Beach in Malibu utilizing indigenous elements and inspiration derived from the Santa Monica environment. Artist in resident Michael Bernard helped produce a video documentary of the Paul’s process of creating this work. Paul planned to display this project in its entirety during a solo exhibition at the Allentown Art Museum in 2015. For his 2011 residency, Paul had a three phase objective: Produce a series of small paintings and composite photographs that articulate the regions flora; Produce one large scale painting entitled “Selective Memory” that encapsulates the experience; Collaborate with artist-in-residence Michael Barnard to produce a music and media event at Continuum.

As a whole, Paul describes his paintings as improvisational – a collage of visual phrases. His work is informed by nature and responding to the ever-changing conditions of its life force that are symphonies of compressed time. The scope of his 2010 series has evolved to include exploration in Israel during March of 2017. The Santa Monica portion of the studies will be entitled Pacific Rhapsody, to be completed in early 2018. Pacific Rhapsody will be accompanied by performance, lectures, and a CD of original compositions inspired by his visits to 18th Street. He will be pursuing an appropriate location to exhibit this sub-series portion of his thesis while in California this coming August. 



Video excerpts from ‘Elements: Paul Harryn’ created in collaboration with resident artist Michael Barnard:

Desert Light

Zuma Light

Press Contact
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