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Park Kyung Ryul
September – November 2022

Park Kyung Ryul is an artist based in Seoul whose practice includes paining, drawing, ceramic and installation. Her recent work, the evenness series expands the flat space or the painting into the physical world. It challenges the impossible in narrative-biased paintings by expanding the time and space through the actions of the artist and the viewers. Pursuing the system of non-hierarchical structure in her painting, the ‘object’ and ‘space’ on the surface become the fundamental elements used to define the evenness of the painting. By translating each brush stroke into an object and independent elements of painting, paintings function only with external components: placement, configuration of an image (that does not represent or portray anything), and frame. Evenness, which carries the definition of being ‘flat’ and ‘homogenous’, deals with elements of a painting in an equal manner and approaches the exhibition space as a complete painting.

Park has held solo exhibitions at One and J. Gallery (2021, Seoul), DOOSAN Gallery New York (2020, Seoul), DOOSAN Gallery (2020, Seoul), Baik Art Seoul (2019, Seoul), Lungley Gallery (2018, London), and SIDE ROOM Gallery (2017, London). She has also participated in group exhibitions at Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art (2020, Ansan), Ilmin Museum of Art (2019, Seoul), Beijing Commune (2019, Beijing), SongEun Art Space (2018, Seoul). She was awarded the SongEun Art Excellence Award in 2018, and also participated in DOOSAN Residency New York, SeMA Nanji Residency and MMCA Residency Goyang.

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