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Pamela Simon
Airport Campus

Pamela Simon is an artist based in Santa Monica whose practice includes painting, photography, film, and drawing. She currently creates human-scale, intimate, catalytic color paintings. Inspiration is drawn from the grace and exaltation in dance, the passion and vulnerability in human emotion, and the contemplative expanse of the Pacific Ocean. These expressionistic gestural abstractions move rhythmically, with color, line, and texture ranging from delicate and soft to vigorous and exuberant.

Simon’s childhood was equally divided between Paris and Los Angeles. She began painting at an early age, greatly influenced by Europe’s classical arts and Los Angeles’s contemporary culture. Simon’s focus on painting is evolving from figurative work to energetic gestural abstraction. Her paintings have been exhibited in Arena One Gallery, the Other Art Fair, and other various galleries. Simon received her BA from Brown University and studied filmmaking at UCLA.

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